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Date: Thursday, 15th January 2015

You’re a coach, trainer, author or in a business that helps people feel fitter/healthier/happier/more successful and you just need more clients. You feel like you’ve worked hard and tried everything, but you just can’t seem to get enough clients to make the money OR the impact that you want to create.

If you are tired of chasing clients and you’d rather have them queuing to work with you, then let Kathrin help you turn yourself from a (client) hunter to a (client) gatherer. She will show you how to stop selling your time by the session and start to create programs that you can run online or offline and that will sell themselves.

Price: CHF 70 per person

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On the 21st June at the Volkshaus Zurich, we invited you to join us for a whole Day of Curiosity.

Everyone created their own special experience by choosing 6 out of 18 exciting short taster courses. That was a new topic every hour, all ready to spark their curiosity.

They discovered a new passion, explored, learnt, experienced, met interesting people and had a great time. Celebrate the power of curiosity together!

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