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The 1-Hour Website: How To Create A Professional Online Presence In 60 Minutes Or Less

Date: Wednesday, 11th November 2015 (Webinar)

Do you need a simple, clean website to promote your business, but don't have the budget for a quality web developer? Have you gone the DIY route in the past but ended up with a website that fell far short of the mark, despite all the time and effort devoted to it?

It may sound too good to be true, but it is possible to create your own professional-grade web presence in less than an hour. You don’t need to be super-techy, you don’t need to write any code, and you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Price: CHF 38 per person

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Life Saving Skills for Parents

Date: Thursday, 19th November 2015

Children are naturally curious and while parents do everything to keep their children safe, accidents cannot always be prevented. Children need special life-saving techniques and for parents it is important to recognise such life-threatening situations and how to react appropriately.

This course is designed to help parents, parents-to-be, grandparents and anyone else caring for children from early infancy and toddlers to teenagers and providing them with knowledge, the necessary skills and the confidence to deal with a child with a life-threatening injury or illness.

Price: CHF 95 per person

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Price Confidently

Date: Thursday, 19th November 2015

Would you like to feel more confident about your business’ pricing? Do you understand how to effectively set and communicate your prices? Do you understand the impact pricing decisions have on your profits?

Many small business owners struggle with pricing and many confess that in the early stages of their business they did not charge enough. Does this sound familiar to you?

Price: CHF 70 per person

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Networking Webinar: How to impress and accelerate your career

Webinar Replay

Is networking something that comes naturally to you? Do you often feel it is something you should do rather than want to do? Whether you are a natural networker or not, most of us agree that good networking skills enhances your career, increases your resources and helps you achieve your business goals...

Price: CHF 38 per person

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