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Facing the unknown in your work

Date: Thursday, 16th February 2017

Life is unexpected and complex, yet we are led to believe that to enter the world of grownups and achieve our dreams, we need to follow a simple solution: just earn a degree or a diploma in the “right’ profession and we will figure out how life works.

But as we enter this world of work and march through our career, as freelancers and especially as employees in the corporate world, we realise the unspoken dimensions of life - feelings, soul, deepest yearnings and desires, our multilayered existence - don’t have space in our careers. This can lead us into fear, lack of transparency between teams and senior leadership and among peers.

Investment: CHF 75 per person

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Is your Pitch ready?

Date: Thursday, 16th February 2017 (Zurich)

This course is for professionals, business owners, CEOs and Steve Job like people... anybody who wants to make an impact to grow their business or career. When you present yourself, you want to make an excellent first impression. You want people to react and remember you. However, there are a common set of issues that come up all the time...

Investment: CHF 75 per person

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