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shutterstock_106500368Is 3D printing changing the future?

Find out how it developed, what it’s used for and how it is impacting business sectors. Come learn about this new technology’s potential to revolutionize design, production, distribution and consumption of products. We will discuss the applicability of 3D printing for companies and individuals as well as look at where it’s heading in the future.

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Speaker: Jochen Hanselmann

JochenJochen Hanselmann is the owner of the Swiss-based agency HanCon, a consultancy specializing in 3D Printing advisory and training.

As an active member of the 3D Printing community, he is an ambassador for 3D Printing in Switzerland and internationally. Jochen is the co-founder of the FabLab in Winterthur. In June 2014, his hands-on book about 3D Printing will be published.



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