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Accounting for Small Business Owners

accountingPast Course Date: Thursday, 17th March 2016

Speaker: Christine Hofstetter, For Decisions that Count


Take control of your own books

This course is suitable for one person businesses (Einzelfirma) and Limited Liability Companies (GmbH) with a turnover up to CHF 100’000.

You’ve created your own business, you are excited to get started, however you do not know how to handle the accounting and finance aspects? You have run your business for a couple of years, you have some profit and would like to further economize your costs and maximize profits by doing your accounting on your own. You are not sure what expenses from your private life are deductible for your business?

This course will teach you how to understand and manage yourself the accounting obligations as a small business owner. You will learn the principles of a single and double accounting system and walk away with an excel based solution for both. We will go through a list of costs which are deductible for your small business and understand the limits for each. Furthermore, you will learn how to manage your budget and cash flows on an ongoing basis in order to increase your confidence, minimize your costs and maximize your profits.

We will cover the following points:-

  • Demystify the accounting process for your business
  • Understand the principles of a balance sheet as well as profit & loss accounting
  • Cope with budget and cash-flow
  • The different type of costs / classification of accounts
  • Learn other tips & tricks

Ready to understand your books?

About the Speaker

Bild1 Christine Hofstetter

Christine Hofstetter graduated from Paris Business School ESCP “Sup de Co de Paris” with a MSC in Economics. Her career has spanned 20 years, during which she served as a Financial Controller in multinational companies both in Germany and Switzerland.

In 2013 she created her own business “Christine Hofstetter – For Decisions That Count”. The company’s services are aimed at assisting individuals and small business owners in taking finance related decisions like property and financial planning into their own hands.

Christine believes that everybody can understand the basics of finance in order to plan and implement in their own lives and businesses. Her coaching provides independent and transparent insight to enable her clients to help themselves and managing their finances alone. For many, a small business is a dream and Christine loves to help people fulfill their dreams by helping them demystify small business and accounting and finance and manage these aspects independently.


“The session was amazing! So much useful information that you did a great job to summarize” (Vicky L. – Wollerau)

“Thank you for making it finally understandable” (Evette A.- Lachen)

“Thank you for the very interesting session last night! “(Marie-Noelle J. – Schindellegi)


The course apero was a networking opportunity as it was joint with other courses on the same evening


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