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Duration: 1 hour

Price: CHF 38

Speaker: Sonja Bonin

Share your expertise, spread your ideas, influence people with (e)books

Every one of us is good at something. And every one of us needs to learn. We all have experiences worth sharing and expertise that others crave. Whatever your message to the world, chances are it’s important to someone – if only you can reach them. Luckily, becoming an author has never been easier.

“Books are the new business cards”. Publishing a book is a great tool – you can spread ideas, influence people, get noticed by the media and the public, establish a reputation, create revenue and more. These days, using digital technology and the internet, everybody can become an author and distribute their ideas to a large audience.

In this webinar, you will learn what it takes to

  • Pitch a book to a traditional publisher
  • Self-publish a book on demand
  • Self-publish an ebook
  • Compare advantages and disadvantages of each publishing method and decide what’s best in your situation

There will be time for Questions and Answers.

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About the Speaker

Sonja BoninSonja Bonin is a freelance journalist with a background in book editing and publishing with more than 20 years of experience.

When she isn’t writing, editing, producing copy or translating (English to German), you’ll probably find her teaching a course, leading a workshop or running one of her writing groups.

Through her coaching, Sonja has helped dozens of first-time authors to write and publish their book. Drop by at



“Insightful information, valuable tools of the trade, very practical exercises.”

“Well-structured course, practical applications, competent advice.”

“Stimulating and encouraging”

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