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Boost your Metabolism with Fats

Speaker: Danna Levy Hoffmann, Organilicious

“Weight loss, energy gain, and mind clarity; all possible while eating healthy fats”

Do you know what fats and oils are healthy for you? Since they are an essential part of our diets, it’s time to find out for your and your family’s health.

With all the noise today in the media, we get lost in understanding what’s what, and filtering truth from total nonsense. We all keep hearing what fats are good for us, what fats are bad, what should be avoided and what we should eat. But this information often contradicts itself. Do you want to know what’s true and what’s pure nonsense? Do you wish to finally understand which fats you can eat without feeling guilty? Danna will explain it all in a way that everyone will understand!

Danna Levy Hoffmann will explain how easy it really is to live a healthy lifestyle. She will talk about what fats gives us energy, which help us lose weight and boost our metabolism. She will also cover what we should avoid, and how with simple tips and tricks we can save heaps of time in the kitchen.

Danna will be giving a demo and answering these questions and more:

  • Are all fats created equal?
  • Does fat in food raise the cholesterol?
  • Will eating fat not make me fat?
  • Are low fat diets healthy?
  • Which fats and oils can I use, and which ones should I avoid?

Time to get clear about fats and oils in the kitchen.

About the Speaker

Danna Levy Hoffmann, Organilicious – Switzerland’s Leading Expert For Nourishing-Lifestyle helping busy, professional mothers embrace and embody new vitality, energy and eating habits, so they stop feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and confused about food and nutrition. Her clients come to her, looking for a sustainable changes and practices in the area of body health and weight issues.

Nutrilicious Lifestyle

Having spent over a decade in her field, she teaches women the vital importance of nutrition and uses a laser-focused, personally tailored approach with her clients in her Nutrilicious Lifestyle – Tasty Eating Sexy Living Academy. Danna can be found leading events and workshops on the topics of proper nutrition, vitality, healthy eating and renewed lifestyle.


When I found Danna it was like finding the magic wand of cooking – you could wave it and before you would appear an amazing choice of food that you had perhaps not heard of or thought was possible! How do you make chocolate brownies and use no sugar or flour at all?! How could you make chocolate mousse and use no cream at all?! In fact cleverly pack it with healthy avocados and bananas instead and get away with it?! I was looking for someone to help us with our evening meals on 2-3 days of the week. This was mainly to be able to introduce healthy food for my “not so interested in food” toddler! When I approached Danna her answer was “I will do what is needed to help your child eat healthy food” She kept to her word and more!

What Danna brought to us was a totally different experience, she not only showed us simple and healthy recipes, she opened a whole new world of organic and natural and vegan food! I have enjoyed every moment of working with her, she is wonderful as a person, brings a lot of experience in different cuisines of the world and gives you what you ask for but with her own special turns and twists, tips and tricks! That’s what makes it much more than just a simple cooking class, it’s an experience by itself! Many thanks and best wishes to you Danna in your endeavors to make the world a healthier place to live in – Purvashi Wild

Even though we haven’t had time lately to take one of your awesome classes, you’re still present in our kitchen. your winning salad sauce recipe is one of your weekly staples (everyone who comes here thinks it’s amazing and can’t believe how simple it is!), and I really think about food differently since having taken your classes. having come from the land of processed foods (USA of course), i have been starting to appreciate more natural and homemade healthier foods since having taken your course. case in point: (don’t laugh): Duncan Heines used to be one of my all-time favorite quickie desserts. made one of Zev’s birthday since we had just been in the States, and i couldn’t even take more than one bite! anyway, long email just to say that you’re not forgotten in the Tavor household! – Mary-Grace Tavor

Thanks, Danna, for creating such wonderful food for our Hawaiian themed party! All our guests (adults and kids) loved it and those who have been to Hawaii were amazed at how authentic it tasted! So grateful that you were able to put this together in such a short time, too, and considering that you had not been in touch with Hawaiian cuisine before…Mahalo again for bringing the taste of Hawaii to our party! -Mira Kraemer

People don’t understand that when we recommend your services, we’re doing THEM a favor! – Florencia Vonarburg


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