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Hypnotise Me to Overcome Procrastination

Date: Thursday, 8th March 2018

Overcome procrastination and move forward with your dreams

Where in your life do you want to grow? Where in your life do you want to move forward? If procrastination, deferring things until later or putting things off, is what’s holding you back, you’ve come to the right place.

You know that feeling when you would rather check Facebook than start looking for a new job? You find yourself watching a series instead of writing the first chapter of your book? 

Price: CHF 25 per person

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Speak, Believe & Charge Your Worth

Date: Thursday, 15th March 2018

Build the skills and confidence to create a profitable business you love.

Are you are a micro-entrepreneur with a passion for your craft? You dream of serving & helping your customers using your unique genius and gifts. You know you can make a living at it, but you wonder...what can I really charge?

Do you struggle to confidently communicate the value you deliver and charge your worth?  Do you hear a little voice of self-doubt that clouds your ability to know what & how to charge?  What's yours been telling you?

Price: CHF 75 per person

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painting sky

Create What Matters – Starting Now

Date: Thursday, 15th March 2018

Accepting what can and cannot be changed; and creating a masterpiece with all you have

Are you lacking the time or the resources you think are necessary for your creative project?  Do you always regret not being able to finish what you so eagerly started? Would you like to take time for a change of direction in your life… and get emotional and practical support? In a group of like-minded people with the help of an experienced creator?

When we start to co-create with life as it is, not waiting for it to be perfect, we can actually accomplish a lot more than we may believe possible. Trusting life, takes away a lot of stress and energy that is spent on resisting and resenting, as well as trying to change things that cannot be changed...

Price: CHF 75 per person

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Boost your Metabolism with Fats

“Weight loss, energy gain, and mind clarity; all possible while eating healthy fats”

Do you know what fats and oils are healthy for you? Since they are an essential part of our diets, it's time to find out for your and your family's health.

With all the noise today in the media, we get lost in understanding what's what, and filtering truth from total nonsense. We all keep hearing what fats are good for us, what fats are bad, what should be avoided and what we should eat. But this information often contradicts itself. “How to unlock your energy WITH the support of simple techniques and how to invest it in your daily life”

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