Curious Courses Day 2016
18th September 2016

Curious Courses Day 2016 –18th September 2016

Our third Curious Courses Day gave Inspiration. Stimulation. And Curiosity!

Our guests experienced inspiring keynotes, learnt from experts on fascinating topics, met with open and like minded people who have the desire to expand, grow, step outside of their comfort zone and explored.

Curious Courses Day Video

“It’s like a rock concert of courses”

Day Program

08:30 Doors open and registration
09:00 Keynote
Where will your curiosity take you?

Speaker: Miki Adderley
Connect  Create  Challenge
09:30 Connect
Let's face it!

How do you read a face?
Understand a person's
character with face reading.
Speaker: Stuart Goodman
Your Secret Potential

Dare to express who you are.
Activate that crazy part of
you that's incredibly creative!
Speaker: Tessa Richter
The Art of Persuasion

From No to Yes!
People who can persuade
get what they want.
Speaker: Kurt Schmid
10:30 Connect
A Sale is a Love Affair

Seduce, Engage and Win
Customers' Hearts. Build a
deep human connection.
Speaker: Jack Vincent
Make space for Creativity

Plan for Serendipity with
Real Creative Options inspired
by investment banking trading.
Speaker: Steve Holyer
Living Life Energy

Rediscover your life energy.
Connect your mind heart and
gut. Let your Energy “flow”.
Speaker: Massimo Martino
11:30 Connect
Embodying presence

Investigate interact and
experience embodiment
to be connected.
Speaker: Gisela Rocha
Inside outside, upside down

Boost confidence and energy
in everyday life using
simple imaginative exercises.
Speakers: Julie Grauel / Anni Doré
Present with confidence

Learn tips and tricks to
always present confidently.
Come with an open mind.
Speaker: Cecile Bastien Remy
12:30 Networking lunch with speakers and participants
13:30 Giggle Doctor presents work with Stiftung Theodora
Laugh  Taste  Discover
14:00 Laugh
Gravitas needs Humour -
Use humour to show
vulnerability, approachability
and reflection.
Speaker: Michelle Holmes
Simply Organilicious

Learn how to make raw,
nutritional snacks, treats and
desserts. Indulge guilt free!
Speaker: Danna Levy Hoffmann
Quantum change made easy
Discover Resonance
Repatterning, using a tiny
input to create huge change.
Speaker: Daniela Franco
15:00 Laugh
Laughter keeps you
We all love a good
laugh! Experience fun, joy,
calm, peace and healing.
Speaker: Margaret Brace
Wild Nordic Chocolate

Savour delicious Swiss
Chocolate truffles with a
Nordic twist!
Speaker: Kadri Eek Ritter
Skin Food and Skin Care

Want healthy and beautiful
skin? Discover 7 secrets
to get that healthy glow!
Speaker: Martina Fink
16:00 Laugh
Let Go and Let Improv!
Life is an improvisation!
Learn how to think on your
feet and fast.
Speaker: Sylvia Day
Wine + Cheese = Heaven?

Learn the easiest tastiest
combinations of the world's
fermented wonders. Heaven!
Speaker: Robert Hergenrader
The Powerful Mind

Break down the limitations
of your mind - instantly -
with Hynotherapy.
Speaker: Catherine Mesot
17:00 Thank you and goodbyes
17:30 Day finishes



Miki Adderley

Keynote @ 09:00 - Where will your curiosity take you?

Miki is the lead organiser of Ignite Zürich, and co-founder of the Zurich Salon that creates space for experts and the public to engage in discussing the most contentious issues of our time. When mastering the art of aerial silks, Miki decided it would be a more interesting idea to try practicing the silks while hanging the cloth between mountainous cliff faces from a highline, and then from a hot air balloon – inventing new hybrid endeavours of her own! Read more...  

TuliaStuart Goodman

Connect @ 09:30 - Let's face it!

Stuart Goodman, Goodman Learning, is a powerful Speaker, Trainer und Coach. Stuart has worked intensively with over 25‘000 people from all walks of life. Companies of almost every branch have worked with him. His presentations and seminars on Laughter Yoga and Face Reading are marked by humour, enthusiasm, energy and the joy of transferring knowledge. Read more...   Andy

Tessa Richter

Create @ 09:30 - Your Secret Potential

Tessa Richter has been exploring since early on creativity and artistic expression: first within the given structures of Western classical music, as a classical flutist with an international career performing and teaching. Tessa has been passing on her knowledge and experience, teaching and coaching for the past 30 years, both in private, and in institutions, such as the “Musikhochschule Zürich” and the „Hochschule für Gestaltung Basel“, in Switzerland and abroad. Read more...   Kurt

Kurt Schmid

Challenge @ 09:30 - The Art of Persuasion

Kurt Schmid, Persuasion, was CEO of the Swiss office of the global communication network Lowe & Partners Worldwide and president of „BSW, Leading Swiss Agencies“, the association of advertising, PR and media agencies. His clientele have included Fortune 500 and top Swiss companies, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, Orange, UBS, Credit Suisse to name a few. Kurt is a social entrepreneur for several non-profit organizations... Read more...   mahimathumbnail

Jack Vincent

Connect @ 10:30 - A Sale is a Love Affair

Jack Vincent is a sales trainer and marketing consultant who has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 Companies and startups alike. He is a professional speaker at major sales and marketing conferences throughout Europe and North America. His second book, A Sale Is A Love Affair,” was the Number 1 New Release in Sales on amazon during its launch month of February 2015. Read more...  

Steve Holyer

Create @ 10:30 - Make space for creativity

Steve Holyer is an experienced trainer, coach, facilitator and consultant and a frequent international speaker and a thought-leader on Scrum and Agile software development. He serves as advocate and mentor for companies, leaders and change agents looking for a better way of working using Agile practices in a productive, fulfilling, and fun way. Read more...   Massimo

Massimo Martino

Challenge @ 10:30 - Living Life Energy

Inspired by the life energy that he found within himself, Massimo Martino of Me And Shiatsu, went from being a Hedge Fund accountant to a Shiatsu therapist. He discovered small changes where the body seeks and maintains a condition of balance. It does this even more when facing external challenges, allowing the natural healing power of the body to present itself and stay in its optimal state. Read more...   Gisela

Gisela Rocha

Connect @ 10:30 - Embodying presence

With a career as an award-winning choreographer, leader of a dance company, professional dance teacher, and dance competition juror. Gisela combines her expertise with a spiritual journey and 10 years of retreats with the most accurate body therapist in USA and Europe. Her company, Movement for Life is a fusion of movement, energy work and clarity of mind, offering immediate insights to her clients. Read more...

JulieAnniJulie Grauel and Anni Doré

Create @ 11:30 - Inside Outside, Upside Down

Julie Grauel has always been creative but not realised it, as she equated it with being an artist. Nowadays she realizes that creativity comes in many forms and is about expressing what is in your heart.  Julie is a coach and HR consultant. She uses her creativity to improve the culture and wellbeing at her workplace, as well as to empower her clients to make changes in their lives. Anni Doré, a Zürich based Visual Artist of 2 decades has had much practice in finding ways to stay refreshed under stress in dealing with deadlines from Gallery exhibitions and Commission requests for paintings, drawings and sculptures. Anni has spent the last 10 years teaching art to children, those with disabilities and corporate executives, in organisations such as the Zurich International Schools, Ikea and ABB. She found the students coming to her felt the same pressures in the demands of their own busy lives. Read more...   lisasennhauser

Cécile Bastien Remy

Challenge @ 11:30 - Present with confidence

Cécile Bastien Remy is a Public Speaking Coach and a Presentation Trainer. Her client’s comprise of C-Level executives within the sectors of Finance, Business Intelligence, Fashion, Human Resources and NGOs to name a few. In 2015, after winning the Best Speaker for Switzerland, Cecile represented Switzerland at the Southern Europe District Conference Public Speaking Competition which was held in Portugal. “How to Give Feedback”,“The Elevator Pitch” and “Confidence on Stage” are Cecile’s Read more...   lisasennhauser

Giggle Doctor

Challenge @ 13:30 - Giggle doctor – Stiftung Theodora

We are excited to have a Giggle Doctor present their work with the Stiftung Theodora, sharing their experience working with sick and disabled children in hospitals. Since its beginnings in 1993, the Theodora Foundation has pursued its mission; to bring laughter and joy to children in hospital. To achieve this, the Foundation organises and funds weekly visits from professional artists – the Giggle Doctors – to hospitals and specialist care centres for children with disabilities. Read more...  

Michelle Holmes

Laugh @ 14:00 - Gravitas needs Humour - Really???

Michelle Holmes, Hercules Coaching, is an innovative people management professional who pulls together more than 20 years of experience from a wide scope of industries and cultures in order to maximize impact. An experienced facilitator, trainer and coach, she uses her passion for theater to create highly innovative and interactive techniques to help develop people and their people management skills. Read more...  

Ragnar WetterbladDanna Levy Hoffmann

Taste @ 14:00 - Simply Organilicious

Danna Levy Hoffmann, Miso Cute, has been a long-time health freak, and has been teaching both kids and adults all about organilicious cooking. Along with cooking classes for all ages, Danna also offers party entertainment and catering, team events, private courses, private chef and cooking camps for kids. She also works with international schools, teaching children on a regular basis. Read more...  

Daniela Franco Daniela Franco

Discover @ 14:00 - Quantum change made easy

Since an early age, Daniela, Healing Journey, was very intuitive, and interested in how the human mind worked. This passion led her to become a psychologist. After working with traditional psychology for some time, she was sure there must be other methods that offered faster and deeper results. When she discovered Resonance Repatterning, she knew that this was it! People had profound and accelerated change. Read more...   Associate_Chef_wb-257x300

Margaret Brace

Laugh @ 15:00 - Laughter Keeps You Healthy

Margaret Brace, Embracing Vitality, loves to laugh and has studied with Louise Hay, author of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, Donna Eden, healer and author of ‘Energy Medicine’, Joe Hoare and the Barefoot Doctor, authors of ‘Awakening The Laughing Buddha Within’.  She teaches yoga in Zürich and Spreitenbach and works internationally as a Heal Your Life Teacher, Amatsu practitioner and Cranio-Sacral Therapist. Read more...  

Kadri Eek Ritter

Taste @ 15:00 - Wild Nordic Chocolate

Kadri Eek Ritter, Nopra Chocolate, is a chocoholic globetrotter. With a love for the nordic countries and a love for delicious Swiss chocolate, she started combining the best of these worlds, creating unique, beautiful and tasty delicacies of her own. Now the chocoholic globetrotter is a certified chocolatier with her own chocolate company who makes people very happy with her creative chocolate workshops. Read more...  

Martina Fink

Discover @ 15:00 - Skin Food and Skin Care

Martina Fink is a beauty & life coach who helps people who feel challenged about their beauty to achieve their beauty goals and to feel beautiful inside and out. Besides teaching women natural and efficient makeup skills, she has a very holistic approach to beauty, which also includes nutrition, sustainability, confidence and more. Martina helps people design a more conscious lifestyle. Read more...  

Sylvia Day

Laugh @ 16:00 - Let Go and Let Improv!

Sylvia Day is an international actor, comedian, writer and improv coach. She has a BA in Communications and trained in improv at The Second City in Chicago, The Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and with the Oliver award-winning Showstoppers in London. Her latest original show “50 Shades of (Election) DAY!” is a political comedy and premieres on Tuesday, November 1 at Kaufleuten in Zurich. Read more...   jp

Robert Hergenrader

Taste @ 16:00 - Wine + Cheese = Heaven?

Robert Hergenrader, Uncorked Wine Events, heard destiny whisper long ago when Wine Appreciation seemed the most invigorating elective among the molecules and mathematics of a Chemical Engineering degree. A chemical industry management career in Chicago along with a masters degree from the Kellogg Business School of Northwestern University and subsequent move to Zürich in 2007 were all-too-briefly interrupted by annual wine region vacations. Read more...  

Catherine Mesot

Discover @ 16:00 - Hypnotherapy: create your world

After over 20 years in international corporations at senior management level, in 2010, Catherine Mesot took a path of self-discovery and branched out to fully immerse herself to her passion, the empowerment of mankind.  Catherine’s approach to personal development combines different powerful tools to rapidly achieve the defined goals. Using hypnotherapy, energy healing, channeling and integral coaching, she aims to secure long lasting life changes. Read more...

Charity Donation

ImpressionWe were proud to donate CHF 2'300 from ticket sales and guest donations to Stiftung Theodora, a wonderful organisation dedicated to bringing laughter and joy to children in hospitals. The Theodora Foundation is a recognised charity and does not receive any funding from hospitals or the State. The much-loved weekly Giggle Doctor visits depend entirely on donations from supporters and partners. Read more...[/text_block]

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the day work?

We start the day with a big smile and a warm welcome. We hit the ground running with an inspiring keynote on curiosity and then every hour, there’s three different courses running in three different rooms on the categories of Connect, Create, Challenge, Laugh, Taste and Discover. They are 45 mins long each. You can pick and choose making your own personal and tailored day. At the past Curious Courses Days, people have met open, friendly and like minded people that have become friends. This year, we are going to have a networking lunch together with the speakers and participants so you have more time to connect and get to know one another better.

What is the day's agenda?

08:30: Doors open and registration 09:00: Inspiring keynote on curiosity 09:30: Course 1 (Categories Connect, Create, Challenge) 10:30: Course 2 (Categories Connect, Create, Challenge) 11:30: Course 3 (Categories Connect, Create, Challenge) 12:30: Networking lunch with speakers and participants 13:30: Giggle doctor presents their work with Stiftung Theodora 14:00: Course 4 (Categories Laugh, Taste, Discover) 15:00: Course 5 (Categories Laugh, Taste, Discover) 16:00: Course 6 (Categories Laugh, Taste, Discover) 17:00: Thank you and goodbyes 17:30: Day finishes

Who is Curious Courses Day for?

Curious Courses Day is for curious souls, who loves learning, who enjoy meeting new people and are open to fresh ideas and topics. You're looking for inspiration… Maybe you have been working for a few years and are wondering what is next on the career path for you. Will it be further up the career ladder, a side step into a new role or perhaps a completely new job or even your own business. Be inspired. You're looking for excitement… We all get into daily routines which is normal, so it’s always exciting when you get to learn something new or meet new people. It’s like when you go on holiday and you come back seeing your normal everyday life afresh, that’s the kind of feeling you’ll get after Curious Courses Day. You're looking for new input… We’ve noticed that entrepreneurs sometimes forget to spend time networking or developing new skills because they are so busy building their businesses. This is a reminder to give yourself the time to get new input and inspiration. You always learn something new on courses even if it’s a reminder, so you’ll be able to implement this in your business straight away. You have a growth mindset… Growth mindset people believe that everything is a learning experience and your talents and abilities can be developed. Sure, there may be areas that you are a “natural” in, but with effort, you can develop even further. You can learn something from every course, especially if it sparks your interest and you enjoy it. Even if you don’t, you’ll learn something about yourself, what you like and what you don’t like. That’s powerful information that you can use in your everyday life. You're looking to meet people… The people we attract at Curious Courses Day are really open minded, friendly people who love striking up conversations with one another. As you get to pick and choose your day’s courses, you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people if you would like to. Add in the networking lunch and the short breaks in between, maybe you’ll meet a new friend, a new partner, a new client or even find a job opportunity. You're a parent… Kids are naturally curious. As a parent, I think it’s wonderful if we can encourage our children to stay curious their whole lives. To do that, we need to be role models ourselves, also being curious and life long learners because that is ultimately where they learn from. You want to give back… You may have seen the Theodora Foundation adverts in the cinemas or maybe you have experienced the Giggle Doctors in hospitals. We think it’s an amazing cause that we would like to support. We are donating 10% of your ticket to this wonderful organisation. There is also going to be a Giggle Doctor presenting their work on the day where you can find out more about their experience working with the children.

Who is Curious Courses Day not for?

You want to go deep into a subject… You will get to pick 6 short courses during the day, each are 45 minutes long, so we do not have time to go deep into each topic. That we save for our full day workshops where we get to spend more time on a topic. You expect to enjoy every part of the day… Out of hundreds of previous attendees, we came across a couple of people that didn’t enjoy one of the courses (out of the six) they attended. While we hope that you will enjoy every part of the day and we think you will, if you come across a course that you don’t enjoy, it can teach you as much about yourself as a course that you love. It will show you your personal preferences, which is important information that you can use in your daily life. It also gave you a taste of something and it's good to know if something isn't for you too. You want to be certified… We do not offer certifications. It’s a day of inspiration, we are presenting you with new ideas and topics, not something to put on your CV to advance your career. You'd rather play bingo… We can’t help you there. We suggest finding a local bingo hall to satisfy your bingo craving. Just kidding. Sometimes we need to be a bit silly and this is one of those moments ;-)

When do I select my courses?

You will receive a link nearer the date where you get to select your courses. We use this information to guide our room allocation.


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