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Curious Courses Day 2016 Videos

We hope you are enjoying your summer holidays! So whether you’re on the beach, in the garden, on your sofa, wherever you are, we’d like you to enjoy our videos from Curious Courses Day 2016.

Over the next few weeks we are going to add more videos to this page. We’ll send you a short note to let you know what’s coming out. Enjoy watching!

Miki Adderley – Where will Curiosity take you?
Dr. Flippa – Working with the Stiftung Theodora
Kurt Schmid – The Art of Persuasion
Daniela Franco – Quantum Change made Easy
Danna Levy Hoffmann – Simply Organilicious

Here’s our first keynote – Miki Adderley “Where will your Curiosity take you?”

Dr. Flippa from the wonderful Theodora Stiftung presents their work. She puts the headset on a couple of minutes in, so you’ll be able to hear her well.

Kurt Schmid, The Art of Persuasion
From No to Yes! People who can persuade get what they want..

Daniela Franco, Quantum Change made Easy.
Discover Resonance Repatterning, using a tiny input to create huge change.

Danna Levy Hoffmann, Simply Organilicious
Learn how to make raw, nutritional snacks, treats and desserts. Indulge guilt free!

More to follow in the next few weeks.


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