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Connect using Mindful Storytelling

Speaker: Caitlin Krause, Mindwise: Aware, Advancing, Authentic


Creating Connections through Authenticity, Empathy and Awareness

Everyone has a story to tell; we use stories to connect; to express creativity; to understand each other, and to design creative ideas with others’ perspectives in mind. We use stories to hear and be heard, online and offline, at work and in our personal lives.

Sometimes we may feel stifled or blocked– when it’s hard to focus, to engage, and to connect with our own voice and with each other. This disconnect can keep us from realizing our most capable, authentic and expressive self.

Using mindfulness as an entry-point and a “storytelling hack”, we’re able to see the scope of connection, using insights to connect with true voice. When applying mindful awareness, the mastery of storytelling becomes a way to understand, to empathize, to listen and to use voice with passion and presence. It’s liberating, fun and empowering– useful in all aspects of life to get your message across.

We will cover the following points:-

  • Understanding of mindfulness and ways to apply it
  • Connection with authentic voice
  • Boosting awareness of creative storytelling process
  • Practice using storytelling techniques
  • Deeper connection with expression and empathy

Are you ready to deepen your connection capacity using mindfulness and storytelling?”


About the Speaker

Caitlin Krause, Mindwise,  is an active, creative collaborator who embodies the “curiosity driven” mindset.

A respected leader and entrepreneur, she is an experienced writer, public speaker, educator, presenter, and multi-media artist. She specializes in mindfulness, leadership, purpose and presence, giving speeches and hosting events worldwide.

Caitlin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree In English from Duke University, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Lesley University in Cambridge.

She founded the mindfulness and creativity company MindWise in 2016. Her passions include reading, running, photography, journalism and film.

Past Course Date: Thursday, 17th November 2016

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