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Create What Matters – Starting Now

Past Course Date: Thursday, 15th March 2018

Speaker: Tessa Richter – Career, Art & Spirit Coach



Accepting what can and cannot be changed; and creating a masterpiece with all you have

Are you lacking the time or the resources you think are necessary for your creative project?  Do you always regret not being able to finish what you so eagerly started? Would you like to take time for a change of direction in your life… and get emotional and practical support? In a group of like-minded people with the help of an experienced creator?

When we start to co-create with life as it is, not waiting for it to be perfect, we can actually accomplish a lot more than we may believe possible. Trusting life, takes away a lot of stress and energy that is spent on resisting and resenting, as well as trying to change things that cannot be changed. Instead, we can begin to create within our given framework.  And once we take the first steps, the universe, the world around us, can follow. It’s almost as if we had to demonstrate that we are serious about something, and then our environment can tune in and support us.

Our greatest successes are achieved by finding solutions and resources to difficulties and obstacles in our lives. This is about finding these solutions and owning your time, energy and your creation, enabling you to take next steps towards creating the life or the project you’ve been wanting to.  And perhaps, you can start planning, and setting your stage for a life centered around who you are. This can indeed be life changing!

We’ll look closely and work on these aspects:

  • Analysis of where you’re at presently
  • How your situation can be used to your advantage and what it enables you
  • Finding time or resources necessary for your project, in your current environment
  • Synchronicities and signs to keep you going

This course will pave the way to that masterpiece! 


About the Speaker

Tessa has been exploring since early on creativity and artistic expression.  First within the given structures of Western classical music, as a classical flutist with an international career performing and teaching.  Later she delved into inner realms, accessing her own individual structures,  thus becoming a professional painter and sculptor with international exhibitions, as well as a composer, who has published 3 CDs with her own music.

Through trips to the Native America, India, Nepal, etc., and through inner journeys such as shamanistic trance and meditation techniques, she has opened up the connection between cult and culture as sources of (artistic) inspiration both within ourselves and in connection with other cultures.

Tessa has been passing on her knowledge and experience teaching and coaching for the past 30 years, both in private and in institutions such as the “Musikhochschule Zürich” and the “Hochschule für Gestaltung Basel“ in Switzerland and abroad.

Besides her artistic endeavors, Tessa also works as a career coach supporting people in finding their calling, searching ways to market themselves, and taking necessary steps to a meaningful professional life.  She is a certified international coach.


Through her support and this course, I have been able to come far in my artistic projects. The course has been so motivating and uplifting. Tessa manages to balance emotional and spiritual aspects of creativity with practical knowledge and technical skill. I look forward to it every week! – Dawn, Japan

I was very grateful for the art consultation as you made me analyze deeply things about myself, especially why painting is so important to me and what I want to express in my art. I think you helped me reach my goals in finishing my webpage and also being more focused in my art. – Marika, Finnland 


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