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Health and Safety Day 2017

Mesmerised by Rega

What did you do on this beautiful spring Sunday 11th March 2017? We visited the Health and Safety Day 2017 organized at the Zurich Volkshaus. There were some exhibitors that we know and wanted to support. We also enjoyed connecting with some familiar faces that we hadn’t seen for a while. The event had a great format with both an exhibition area and short presentations to learn about different topics.

Solid and practical advice

The day focuses on supporting people with their health. We received practical pieces of advice that we put into action straight away.

One presentation that my husband particularly liked was from Rega. It’s an amazing world to get a glimpse into and to understand the sheer scale of their operations both Swiss-wide and worldwide. If you are new to Switzerland, you can read more about them here. If you have already been around for a while, you are most likely a member by now 🙂.

Another good reminder was family safety in the home. It’s time to check the smoke alarm, replace batteries annually and fit an extra one for the kids. It also got us thinking about evacuation and how we would get out of the house in an emergency. Taking an extra 30 seconds to study the emergency exit when we’re staying away from home might just save our lives. Thanks to Family Safety for their educational presentation.

I enjoyed learning some secrets dentists won’t share with you (I’d feel a bit naughty if I shared them here 🙂). Ok maybe just one of them then….get yourself an electric toothbrush if you don’t already have one. And the beauty of such days is that you get to visit presentations you wouldn’t normally think of, like delving into the world of tantra…oh la la!!!

There were many other presentations that I heard were great from the other participants. However for me, the rest of the time was spent with my little guy escaping off into the halls, rooms and stairwells and me chasing after him. Fortunately, the big Rega helicopter captured his attention for a minute or two.

Congratulations to the team

Thank you Lui, Judit, Marlies, Gundula and Maria for organising the day!

It was great to catch up with many speakers we’ve worked with in the past: Lui Holzleg of Health and Safety Away from Home, Massimo Martino of Me and Shiatsu, Michelle Sabatini of Body Learning, Karin Andersson of Hagelin Grief Recovery, Claudette Lucien of Your Nutrition Balance, Ela Amarie of Mindful Brain and Danna Levy Hoffmann of Organilicious (who we’re offering Boost Energy with Superfoods with this month)

We know what it’s like to organise such an event, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we as participants don’t see. I only started appreciating weddings having organised my own as I learnt how much work goes into one. It’s the same with an event like this. Congratulations on a super day and we look forward to the next one!

Massimo Martino of Me and Shiatsu and Michelle Sabatini of Body Learning

Karin Andersson of Hagelin Grief Recovery


Danna Levy Hoffmann of Organilicious

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