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How To Say No

Past Course Date: Thursday, 15th February 2018

Speaker: Alessandra Patti, FindYourWay


And prevent situations and people from draining your beautiful energy!

Do you always strive to please everybody?  Is it difficult for you to refuse an invitation, a request or a plea – even if you have had enough for one day?  

Do these little favors here and there start to eat up precious time which you could have been spent on much needed rest or quality time with your kids? Be it to a friend, a boss, family, saying Yes all the time may leave you feeling exhausted, mentally drained and your priorities in shambles.    

This course may just be the answer to your struggles.  We will learn simple and encouraging techniques on how to say a few more “Nos” without feeling terribly guilty. We will look at first steps into recognizing how saying too many “Yeses” can sometimes undermine our self-value.

After this course, you will go home confident that:

  • It is possible to say No in a polite way
  • Saying No to something does not make us less likeable
  • What are we saying Yes to, when we cannot say No?
  • How to say No to people we are used to looking up to
  • Better time management when we say less Yes


About The Speaker

Alessandra Patti comes from Sicily, south of Italy. She has been living now for 8 years in Switzerland, where she learnt to recognize how empowering it can be to say more NOs, compared to when she used to say Yes to situations that were not for her.

She comes from a Marketing and Communication background, having also worked with languages and translation. In 2014, after 7 years in Corporate Communications, she decided to pursue the path of psychology and coaching, She works with personal development and her purpose in life is to bring meaning to the world by starting with the people around her. She understands that this is by doing simple things and motivating herself and others to always be positive and look forward. And saying NO was one baby step into this path of change.

She coaches people through her FindYourWay coaching services company. One of her expertise is to empower people by boosting their self-esteem and teaching them how to say more Nos. :)


“What I most loved of Alessandra’s approach with me is her concrete way of letting me understand where is my wrong perception of the reality.  My own world is usually influenced by my wrong expectations, impatient thoughts, not saying enough NOs and distorted way of perceiving the facts around me.”

“Thank to Alessandra, I could become way MORE aware of this inner mechanism and transform it in new life views / approaches. I did like her practical approach. Nothing is abstract or far away from my reality.”

“She is very straightforward, positive and enlightening. Her sense of humor is also a big PLUS in my coaching experience.”

“I am very satisfied and happy to have begun my new life change with her and I am looking forward to the next coaching!”


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