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inspireyourlifeDate: Thursday, 16th June 2016

Speaker: Fouad Alame, Alame Leadership

Feeling down, bored or empty (perhaps despite outer success)?

Are you feeling a lack of motivation? Do you feel like you do not have much control of your life? Do you wait until the weekend to enjoy life? What if you could learn some strategies to bring back the excitement and fulfillment and have more love, joy and inner peace?

Fouad Alame will share his journey on how he went from living an uninspired life and even depression to one of excitement and impact after years of deep reflection and serious learning. This evening course will identify some of the reasons why you might not be living a fulfilling life and provide some strategies to live a life that excites you and fulfills you.

We will cover the following points:

  • How life is a projection of our inner world
  • The way we feel is an indication to how aligned we are with life
  • Inner work is the path to true sustainable life change
  • Some strategies to change and inspire your life

About the Speaker

fouad-guitarFouad Alame is the Director of Global Organizational Development at Agility, a top 10 global logistics provider. He is a leadership coach with more than 10 years of experience in senior positions in the corporate world. He has designed and facilitated leadership and management development programs in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Fouad holds a doctorate from Strathclyde University focused on Emotional Intelligence and leadership. He also holds an MBA from University of Bradford, a Masters in Marketing and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Saint Joseph University.

Fouad is passionate about self-transformation, human potential and leadership and enjoys nature, photography and playing Spanish guitar.


“…i know for 120% that my life after this program will never be the same! I say thank you from whole my heart.”

“I have come away feeling really motivated and more confident in my abilities.”

“The whole program was nearly perfect. I am really impressed and inspired.”

“Excellent and outstanding program, honour to be part of it, get more out of it, as expected!”

“Outstanding Job, you can feel over the whole program the Passion!”


The course apero was a networking opportunity as it was joint with other courses on the same evening

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