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From Intention to Done

Past Course Date: Thursday, 16th November 2017

Speaker: Nadja Lang, Coach to empower yourself and boost your life


Last Call in 2017: Getting Things Done

How was your 2017 so far? Did you do all the things you wanted or do you still have things outstanding on your to-do list? Does it make sense to carry them on to 2018? Perhaps you have a big dream that didn’t move along in 2017.  Do you ever stay up thinking of all the things you should do, maybe you get nervous thinking about them or perhaps you don’t even bother looking at your list anymore because you feel the year’s already over.

You’re not alone, there’s still time to get moving so bring your own to-do list and together we will figure out your most important point and find the resources you need (power, calm or courage) to get it done. We’ll identify and help you remove what is blocking you from getting it checked off your 2017 list so you can feel calm and at peace going into 2018. Wouldn’t that be a good feeling? 

Step by step we will go through things together. If you are interested in being more efficient and productive and what you personally need to get things done, this is a course for you. It’s a skill that you can use in your personal and professional life. 

You will come away from the course with the following:

  • The feeling of relief
  • Being proud of yourself again
  • A big smile on your face, because you moved on with your biggest point on your to-do-list
  • Knowing how to break a rigid personal barrier
  • Ways to clear your 2017-to-do-list
  • Knowing what resource you personally need and how to acquire more of it

Ready to get things done?


About The Speaker

Nadja Lang is a Coach to empower yourself and boost your life. She offers personal coaching in her office in Zug and via Skype worldwide.
She is deeply convinced that life is simply beautiful. And any shadow that obscures the rays of this sentence can be coached away. Life is supposed to be easy and joyful!
Educated as a lawyer and project manager, she worked in the fields of administration, industry and finance for more than sixteen years.
On the road from structuring legal aspects, to the individual project components to the understanding, which drives or hinders the individual, the human aspect has fascinated her more and more.
After training in change management, mediation and coaching, she understood that everyone has a golden nugget in themselves which only needs to be exposed.
As a result, the goal at the opening of her office is as simple as it was clear from the outset: She supports women and men in making life much easier, more enjoyable and more successful. Let´s get you shiny again!


“I have learned to separate myself from certain points and to stand a lot more for what is personally important to me. Since then, it has been much easier and more comfortable. I experience myself as satisfied and valuable. Thank you for your personal work!” 

“I wanted no pleasure in the difficult situation, but simply serenity and no more panic. And now I find these originally anxious moments even beautiful and enjoy the view like the others.” 

“I like your open, lively, and purposeful way of making me feel good.” 

“I would like to thank you very much for the coaching. Through your calm, clear and very sensitive nature, I immediately felt very comfortable with you. You have been able to accompany me in a difficult situation, which I am very grateful for.” 

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