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Build your big goal using LEGO® Serious Play®

shutterstock_303104453Past Course Date: Thursday, 19th May 2016

Speaker: Steve Holyer


Unlock creative thinking and reveal new solutions

Have you created your personal vision—explored your 5 year mission—and found you still aren’t sure how to reach your big goals? How will you refine your personal strategy to achieve your big goal?

In this workshop, we’ll take a new look at your personal challenges and find new strategies by creating 3D models that unlock creative thinking and reveal solutions and approaches you didn’t know existed. Also. Have serious fun with LEGO.

Guided by professional facilitation, we will use an eclectic collection of imaginative LEGO material to construct models, tell stories, and reflect in ways that blow up the proverbial box. Through creative modelling you’ll find yourself thinking so far outside the box, you won’t believe it was possible. You’ll be shocked by how quickly new connections and creative solutions come to you in such a short period of time.

In this workshop you’ll experience these modelling tools which can be used to

  • facilitate dialogue
  • promote deep understanding between very different viewpoints
  • promote creative, out of the box thinking
  • Workout solutions and strategies to complex problems and situations

You will leave this Curious Course with new insights into how you can achieve your personal big goal.


About the Speaker

avatar.jpg.320x320pxSteve Holyer is a leading Agile practitioner and advocate of better ways of working using Agile practices. As a licensed facilitator for Strategic Play™ using LEGO® Serious Play®, Steve helps teams and organisations make deep discoveries using 3D modelling. He helps groups to hold difficult conversations, design for innovation, and create conditions to liftoff new products and teams.

From international Swiss business to emerging markets in South Africa, Steve helps organisations master Agile Product Development in specific cultural contexts. Based in Zurich, he travels the world to coach, train and consult.



LEGO and LEGO Serious Play are registered trademarks of the LEGO Group.

Discover new ways for engaging all senses to sharply accelerate learning. The LEGO Serious Play methods and materials were created by Johann Roos and Bart Victor at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne. LEGO Serious Play offers many innovative applications in business and community settings. Serious Play applications create an environment for deep and productive conversations that create alignment and reduce conflict in small businesses, large enterprises, school, and community groups. And all in the spirit of playful inquiry—with LEGO.

We’ll be working with your personal goals in this Curious Course, but the experience will help you see how these methods can be used for:

1. Team & Organisational Development
2. Change Management
3. Strategy Development and Exploration
4. Innovation
5. Product Development
6. Branding
… and more.


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