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Resilience for Men

Thriving under adversity with resilience - men's edition

Always more, always faster and never knowing what tomorrow will bring - in the lives of many, crazy has become the new normal.  Demands are constantly increasing, not only in business but also in our personal lives, leaving many of us drained while yet some are still calm and energized. 

Research shows that it is resilience that makes the difference: The ability to activate inner strength so you can function and grow under pressure and adversity.

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Hypnotise Me to be My Best in Job Interviews

Feel confident presenting yourself in an interview

Is it that time of the year where you finally decide that NOW is the time to start a new career chapter? How do you feel thinking about searching for a new job? Excited? Stressed-out? Burdened? What are your doubts and fears? What is the voice inside you saying right now? How does your body feel - tense or relaxed?

Any new start requires significant psychological investment. Searching for a job is no exception. The biggest asset one can have in this process is an INNER CONFIDENCE that you are a great asset for your future employer and that you will find one that appreciates you.

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Optimise your Health for Women

Understand your natural rhythms to look and feel your best all year round

This course is for inspired health conscious women who want to understand how to tune more into their natural hormonal rhythms and biology so that they take charge of their health naturally.

Do you feel stressed out, exhausted or burnt out? Perhaps you are struggling with mood swings, brain fog, sugar cravings and or having difficulty controlling your emotions? Or do you find yourself getting sick very often or have heavy or painful periods?

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Kick Sugar For Good

Help your body regain health, energy and vitality for good!

You may have indulged over the festive season but don't we all? What matters is what we do on a day-to-day basis. It starts with a caramel latte on your way to work, a piece of chocolate cake after lunch and maybe a couple of cookies after the kids have gone to bed. It doesn't sound like much but day in day out, it adds up.

Maybe you're one to reach for the chocolate when you feel a bit low. Or you need to have sweets at the cinema to make it feel like you're at the cinema. It boils down to the belief that sugar will make us feel better, lift us from a sluggish state or it's purely out of habit... 

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