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Portrait Photo Recipes


Speaker: Mike Flam

What makes a great portrait? One where you sense the emotion and character behind the shot? One where you see the subject in the most natural and authentic manner possible?

Capturing a beautiful portrait shot is a skill, learn how to take great portrait photos using any camera – smartphone, compact or DSLR. Find out which ingredients are required and how they work together to produce the best photos that you will be proud of.

On this hands on and practical course, bring your digital camera / smartphone and we will cover the following:-

  • How a professional photographer sets the scene
  • Use of lighting in your shots
  • Understanding depth of field to hone in on what’s important
  • Making a difference with the “right” lens (if applicable)
  • Exercises and practice to have you producing great portraits

As with cooking recipes, you can mix and match to suit your taste.

About the Speaker

flam_mike_201207wqMike Flam has been taking photos for over 20 years now, of anything that sparked his interest. He has used a wide range of different cameras, both digital and film, including compact, medium format, polaroid, Holga, DSLR and smartphones to name a few.

In his personal and professional photography projects, Mike emphasises the importance of trust, a clear idea, flair, patience for the right moment and being natural and authentic in his work.

Since 2010, Mike focuses on digital photography and  taking portraits in his studio or on location. In his spare time, he is a wish companion supporting the foundation Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe.


Past course date: Thursday, 17th April 2014

Click photo to see impressions from the day


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