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The Power of Thought

Care @ 11:00

coupleWhat are you thinking right now?

What we think and feel matters. Discover the power to think clearly and learn how the law of attraction really works. Get control over your feelings, thoughts, words and actions and you will begin to create an amazing life. Join our group meditation to become conscious of what you are thinking and learn to attract the things you desire.

Relax into the now and understand the power of your thoughts!




Speaker: Mahima Klinge

mahimaOriginally from Zimbabwe, Mahima, Love Silence, worked as the manager of a top modeling agency and fashion buyer.

At the age of 22, her life took an unexpected turn when she found herself profoundly moved by a deep spiritual awakening that took place while travelling in India. This experience led Mahima to stay in India for 5 years.

Now Mahima travels around Europe speaking about the power of being in the now. She uses meditation as a tool to empower people to be happier. Mahima offers group meditation, private coaching and business trainings internationally and in Zurich. 







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