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Resilience for Men

Past Course Date: Thursday, 15th February 2018

Speaker: Christian Bartsch, Bartsch Consulting


Thriving under adversity with resilience – men’s edition

Always more, always faster and never knowing what tomorrow will bring – in the lives of many, crazy has become the new normal.  Demands are constantly increasing, not only in business but also in our personal lives, leaving many of us drained while yet some are still calm and energized. 

Research shows that it is resilience that makes the difference: The ability to activate inner strength so you can function and grow under pressure and adversity.

In our course, we will take on the male perspective, looking at the conflicting demands of succeeding in a challenging professional environment, being a loving partner, a great father – without giving up ourselves, sports, or hobbies.  We will understand and apply evidence and experience proven habits and behaviors that are especially critical for men who want to cultivate their resilience and deal better with those demands and conflicts.

Our main takeaways will be:

  • Men’s world today; The challenges and why our fathers can’t understand them
  • Inner strength: The concept of resilience
  • Resilient men: Why it’s not just being solid as a rock
  • Habits: What resilient men do (and what burnout candidates neglect)
  • Practice: Applying key behaviors in your daily life


About the Speaker

Of his 20 years of professional experience, Christian Bartsch of Bartsch Consulting spent more than a decade in multinational financial corporations.  He has worked in global roles and functions as a HR expert and Business Manager, leading international teams and projects.  Whilst working in the US in the midst of the financial crisis, he had to organize the downsizing of his business sector which brought him close to burnout; this experience led him to study in depth the links between health and performance, leadership and resilience.

Over the last five years, Christian has worked with the executives and their teams from all industries to foster their individual and team’s resilience.  As a coach, he has helped many leaders and professionals to turn around on their path to burnout or to recover from it.



“I asked the leadership team about your presentation – I received positive feedback only, the participants were very enthusiastic!” (Assistant to the CEO)

“It was great to have these sessions with Christian and I wanted to thank him for his time and guidance.” (Coachee within the financial services)

“Christian, you are the perfect coach. Everything was so balanced and dynamic.” (Participant of a team workshop)

“Your speech was perceived as entertaining, stringent, stimulating and credible. Especially well appreciated was the fact that you did not occupy the moral high ground.” (Head of Department)


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