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savouring swiss cheese

Speaker: Stephan Senn

Do you think the French make the most sophisticated,  the Italians the most useful and the English the most handsome cheeses? And that the Swiss ones are all about the holes? Well, then this might be your chance to review your perception and recalibrate your taste buds.

While Switzerland is acknowledged to be a country of cheese, surprisingly few know more about it than Emmenthaler, Gruyere and fondue. To change this perception, this course will provide some insight on the following points:-

  • How cheese is produced in Switzerland, making it a world beater
  • How to select and where to buy your local favourites
  • How to taste cheese
  • How to put together and present a cheese platter to impress to your friends &  guests, and
  • How to sit back & enjoy cheese

Needless to say that we will be tasting a variety of perfect standard and selected, rare artisanal produce, from the young ones to matured beauties, from creamy ones to the pungent beasts, based on cow, sheep and goat milk. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? :-)

About the Speaker

Stephan is a cheese enthusiast committed to the Swiss cheese tradition. He has been among the first group of sommeliers awarded with the federally recognized title of „Sommelier Maître Fromager“ in 2009 and is passionate about sharing his love for what he considers the best food in the world. And while his family name („Senn“ which translates into „mountain farmer“, „cheese maker“) suggests that his ancestors must have played some role in making Swiss cheese, he prefers to let others do the hard labour of making it and invites you to join him experiencing the pleasure of Swiss cheese.

Past Course Date: Tuesday 24th April 2012

Venue: American Women’s Club, Schöntalstrasse 8, 8004 Zurich

Some photos from the event:

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