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Sort your Sleep

Speaker: Jane Piper, Pipsy GmbH

Sleep Better and Improve Your Productivity, Mood, and Energy

How’s your sleep? Do you sleep peacefully and restfully? Or do you find yourself waking in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep?

Are you one to burn the midnight oil to squeeze in more work? Or do you find yourself reaching for coffee or other stimulants to keep you awake during the day? Perhaps you find it hard to keep awake during meetings? Maybe you’re falling asleep in front of the TV? Or feeling in a low mood with low energy and unfocused?

New research is showing sleep has a huge impact on your mood, energy levels, productivity and stress levels. This course will 1) help you understand why sleep is so important to our health and well-being and 2) help find ways you can improve your sleep. If you find yourself lacking in sleep, now’s the time to find out how and where you can help yourself. See what you need to do to sort out your sleep.

Here’s what we will cover on the course:

  • Understand how sleep impacts productivity, mood, and energy
  • Impact on phones, tablets and similar devices on sleep
  • Understand the cycle of stress and sleep
  • Ways to improve sleep – developing a sleep routine, exercise, food and stress management

About the Speaker

Jane Piper is the founder and CEO of Pipsy GmBH, A consultancy whose aim is to make work better in a digital age.

Jane has two decades of corporate experience in knowledge and technology driven companies in consulting, engineering, education, and pharmaceutical fields with Air New Zealand, Honeywell, and Pöyry.

She is a New Zealander who has lived for 12 years in Zurich, bringing a unique mix of Kiwi creativity combined with Swiss organizational efficiency. Being naturally curious about people she studied Psychology to a Masters Level and became New Zealand Registered Psychologist. Later she completed MBA at Henley Management College in the UK.

She is an Accredited member of the professional body for coaching psychologist, ISCP (International Society of Coaching Psychologists). Now she combines her people and business skills to bring out the best in people for their organizations.


Jane´s facilitation and training style is very participatory, engaging and energetic. She is a true professional in team development, leadership and interpersonal skills and other areas of people development. All the training courses had participants from several offices across the world and Jane is very good in taking into account cultural differences and different backgrounds of participants.

Jane received excellent feedback from the participants regarding her facilitation style and professionalism. Quoting a participant from Consulting Principles course: “Meeting Jane involved an excellent balance of strong and sincere commitment and professionalism with clear messages to the audience. There was very good interaction in and outside the class during the training”.
– Minna Korander, Pöyry

It was a pleasure working with Jane Piper to offer a Curious Course on claiming back your spare time – how to focus your attention and energy. She is highly professional, enthusiastic and an excellent presenter. I recommend her as a speaker and look forward to working with her again in the future.
– Selina Man Karlsson, Owner Curious Courses

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