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Spring clean clutter with Feng Shui


Speaker: Masumi Huck-Nagayama, Masumi Huck Lifetime Coach

Do you have “too” many things? Would you like to feel lighter and have more energy? Do you have clutter that you have been meaning to clear? Now’s the time, spring clean your clutter with Feng Shui.

You can influence your life situation by simply organising your surrounding environment. Through introducing structure around you, freeing up energy to flow, you create room for positive changes in your life.

Space, body and mind are all interconnected so you can bring about change or balance by working on one of them. Get started by clearing your clutter and approach it positively.

We will be covering the following topics on this fascinating topic:

  • What is clutter?
  • Understanding your clutter and its meaning to you.
  • A practical approach to clearing clutter.
  • Introducing Feng Shui to a clutter-free life?

Ready to spring clean your clutter with Feng Shui?

About the Speaker

20121105_0109 - KopieMasumi, Masumi Huck Lifetime Coach, has been running her Feng Shui consulting company for the past 8 years, offering Feng Shui advice to corporates and private individuals. In addition to Feng Shui, she added several different methodologies and has been offering a holistic method  “LIFETIME COACH” since 2013.

As a LIFETIME COACH, she supports clients in reminding them of their potential and creating work/living spaces as power spots for achieving their own goals. Her goal is to communicate the relationship between space, body and mind in order to achieve happiness in life.

She is a Japanese and Swiss citizen who has been living in Switzerland since 1989 and has worked in the finance sector for 15 years. She holds the following certifications: Diploma of Feng Shui Consultant (SIEF),  Consultant of BaZi Suanming® der IATCA (International Academy for Traditional Chinese Astrology), Angel Life Coach®  (personally certified by Isabelle von Fallois).

Past course date: Thursday, 20th February 2014

Click photo to see some impressions from the course



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