Step out to Live

your True Potential

- Online Group Program

Something amazing happens when we step out. When we step out of our comfort zones, we realize what we are capable of. We start living our true potential. And our true potential is huge.

We all have different sized comfort zones in different areas of our lives. At times, we’re playing it safe and staying in our comfort zone to protect ourselves. We can be protecting ourselves from many things; rejection, physical pain, the unknown and many more. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes we blow it out of proportion so we stay put.

When you really listen to yourself, you know if you are living your true potential or not. Our monkey brain might be chattering away but if you still your mind for a moment, you will know.

Identify an area in your life where you would like to step out. Now’s the time to do something about it. It could be that you want to write a book, setup a side business, share your message more with the world, whatever it is, there’s never a better time. So start now and your future self will be happier. Your future self will also thank you for acknowledging that you want to do something about it and start taking action.

Over the years, I have stepped out and have been thrown out of my comfort zone and every time, I have learnt. I am excited to offer a 4-week online program to get you taking those first steps out.

We will be covering the following points:

  • Identifying where you would personally like to step out of your comfort zone to start living your true potential
  • Find out what is limiting you and what measures you can take to address these
  • Learn to create the best possible environment for you personally (as we are all so different)
  • Become aware of your mindset and language which have much more influence than we sometimes think
  • Discover tools and techniques to help making those steps easier

What is part of this program?

4 online meetings: We will use the Zoom conferencing tool. Each meeting will be an hour long. The first half an hour will consist of training followed by half an hour Q&A.

Homework: So that you get the most out of it, you will get mini tasks to do along the way so you start taking action straight away.

Facebook Group: There will be a Facebook group where you will be able to ask questions, get help from others on the program as well as share your findings.

Email Support: You can email me with your personal questions to get you moving forward.

Why join this program?

  • Join a structured program where you will learn how to step out of your comfort zone gradually.
  • Benefit from the experience and network of the facilitator and the other members.
  • Join a group of supportive people who are also stepping out of their comfort zone at the same time as you.
  • Increase your chances of success with having weekly exercises and accountability to a group.
  • Understand what you personally need, allowing you to create the best environment to achieve your goals
  • Learn skills, tools and techniques that can be used to support yourself in all areas of your life.
  • Have fun whilst developing yourself.

This program is right for you when….

  • You recognize that you have been in your comfort zone and you want to take steps to challenge yourself

  • You are serious about wanting to make a change and step out of your comfort zone

  • You are interested in personal development and increasing your level of self awareness

  • You are willing to make the time and financial investment in yourself

You know that I am the best-suited facilitator for you when:

  • You are seeking honest, direct and kind advice. I want you to step out of your comfort zone so will give my utmost to help you.
  • You want to learn from real life experience and wisdom. I’ve stepped out and been thrown out of my comfort zone regularly. We will be using areas from my “Step out of your comfort zone” book that I authored in this program.
  • You are keen to integrate new habits in your life. I have worked with personal development and habit formation for more than 10 years.
  • You also aim to leverage many people’s experiences and reflections. I successfully run Step out of your comfort zone webinars, courses and mastermind groups as well as give corporate speeches in Fortune 500 companies.

Dates and Times

Day and Time: Wednesday, 19:00 – 20:00 CET

Session 1: Wednesday, 14th June 2017
Session 2: Wednesday, 21st June 2017
Session 3: Wednesday, 28th June 2017
Session 4: Wednesday, 5th July 2017

We will be recording the sessions so if you miss one, don’t worry, you will have access to the replay. Of course, you will be able to ask questions in the Facebook group and over email.


The investment for this course is USD 397

Registration is now closed. Please email me on if you are interested in a future program.


Jacqueline Fierstein

Selina has an incredible talent for drawing out even the most reluctant participants in her workshops and engaging them 100% in discussions and activities. I came away from her Mastermind group workshop with new ideas and enthusiasm to start making positive changes towards achieving important life goals. Her workshops are well-planned, energetic, purposeful and engaging. I also participated in the "Step Out of Your Comfort Zone" Mastermind course over several weeks and learned the mindsets and strategies that I need to begin working towards achieving my goal of creating a professional photography portfolio and exhibition. After years of getting nowhere on my own, Selina introduced me to a mentor as well as helped me to focus on setting specific goals and achieving them in a realistic timeframe. Her ongoing encouragement, feedback and thoughtful questions help me to stay on track and has given me a new sense of achievement and confidence in myself. I highly recommend Selina's workshops and look forward to participating in new ones as well.

Jacqueline Fierstein
Dorothy Keininger

The Mastermind session really helped me to step out of my comfort zone to start a new activity that I kept putting off. This course gave me the push I needed and was a positive weekly place to go for further encouragement and motivation to reach my goal.

Dorothy Keininger
Jilly Woodford

I really enjoyed working with Selina. She was always positive and yet managed to challenge me in a way that really made me think about how I perceive myself and others and about how language affects our outlook. I liked the fact that she was well prepared. She took me through a full programme of learning, so that each week I had learned something new. Through the chapter on rituals and habits I managed to reduce my coffee intake and increase my exercise. I especially liked the challenge of defining one’s life purpose and the fact that she encouraged me to share more, specifically to share the beautiful things in life with other people.

Jilly Woodford