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Stop being a control freak

shutterstock_233221837Past Course Date: Thursday, 21st April 2016

Speaker: Michelle Sabatini, Body Learning

Find a new balance by paying attention to your body

Have you ever tried suppressing or controlling your emotions so much so that you find yourself reacting inappropriately? Are you exhausted because you’re trying to keep everything in order or doing too much for others? Are you experiencing pain, tension, shallow breathing or lack of energy and motivation from being a control freak?

What may happen when we try to control our emotions too much is that we stifle and limit ourselves which affects our everyday life. We are physical beings and our bodies are mirrors of what is going on in our emotional world. Our body warns us when we are overdoing something, when something isn’t right or when we need help. By raising our awareness and using the signs our body gives us, we learn how our bodies communicate with us and how we can use that knowledge to our advantage.

On this course, we will cover the following:-

  • Reconnect with our body through breathing and movement
  • Gain more awareness on how our emotions present themselves in our bodies
  • Understand how we “control” our emotions and when it may be easier to let go
  • Learn to enjoy new situations without having to control everything

Regain balance by understanding your emotions and how they affect your body.

About the Speaker

Michelle SabatiniMichelle Sabatini of Body Learning has been working as a practitioner of the Grinberg Method for more than 10 years. She teaches her clients through touch, respiration and verbal instructions  to be more aware of their body and to recognise and stop automatic patterns.

Prior to this, she studied psychology. She is Swiss Italian and speaks English and French fluently. She loves travelling, getting to know new people and accompanying them on their internal journey.





I’ve grown in many ways – Thank You Michelle for your strong yet guidance. I’ve broken many patterns thanks to you. Patterns that have held me back for a long time. I’ve grown in many ways thanks to Michelle, she s a fantastic change worker. I can only highly recommend her to you. She has played a big role to prepare me to work with really powerful people (ex. in politics). Her input was invaluable and has allowed me to connect more deeply with my own power.” – Jáchym, coach.

How to learn from my own physical cues – My time with Michelle was incredibly valuable.  When I first came to her, I felt stuck and unclear on how to address questions on key aspects of my life.  She taught me how to learn from my own physical cues to let go of old habits that were blocking me.  As a result of our time together I have better energy, closer relationships with the people I care about, and more clarity on how to accomplish what is important to me.  Many thanks to Michelle!” – Emily, manager.

Energising body work – To work with Michelle in order to elaborate the crucial questions of my emotional state has been very helpful. Especially, the way she combines with the amazingly energizing body work technique (= Grinberg Method) has given an immediate effect of physical and mental power to take the next step in life. The experience to work with Michelle highly impressed me” – Brigitte V.

Unblocked my life – Michelle with her work, has taught me to get in touch in a profound way with the unconscious reactions of my body, which I could not understand before.
She showed me how my nervous reactions and life blockages were having impact on my breathing and the pains on my physical body. With a lot of patience she let me to a break through which has unblocked my life for the better. This has deeply helped me to move forward my life and take it to the next level.
I am grateful to Michelle for what she has done for my life.” – Roberta, Project Manager


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