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Style Yourself with Confidence

Past Course Date: Thursday, 21st June 2018

Speaker: Monika Mueller, Signature Five





Take your style to the next level

As we go through life, sometimes our style doesn’t evolve with us.  We end up getting stuck in a rut or we stop putting so much emphasis in what we wear as we just don’t know how to move forward and we tell ourselves it isn’t so important.  Or the opposite can happen, we have so many clothes in our closet and still have nothing to wear as we are not aware of how to put things together that best matches our personality and lifestyle.

Perhaps it’s a new stage of life; motherhood, a new career or perhaps you just fancy a change. Monika Mueller will show you how to get your wardrobe organised; find your personal style; create various pieces with just a few items in your wardrobe helping you feel more polished and put together. 

Here are some of the takeaways you will have from this course:

  • You will learn to curate and cultivate the wardrobe you want.
  • Inspiration and tips that you can use straight away
  • Be enlightened how important personal image is


About the Speaker

Monika Mueller is the founder of Signature Five, a personal styling consultancy for women.  She worked over 10 years within fashion buying in London, her last job being at Burberry.  There she worked closely with the design team in building inspirational and commercial


Monika uses the principles she learnt through her experience ‘choosing well and dressing with style’ in helping other women look good, feel great, and make a lasting impression.



I personally worked with Monika and this is a testimonial I gave on her Facebook page:  

I felt my wardrobe needed an upgrade for many reasons: I was performing more speaking engagements, meeting new clients and I had become a mother. I had also been on a decluttering mission which meant I hardly had anything in my wardrobe. I was so happy to find Monika Mueller and work with her, first on a Wardrobe Detox followed by a Personal Shopping Session. 

Monika is incredible! She’s kind, genuine, authentic and gives honest and practical advice. The style board she created me was thorough and inspiring. I understand more of what suits me, what signature pieces my wardrobe needed and that every piece in my wardrobe has a purpose. I had a lot of fun with Monika and I was so impressed that she managed to find so many pieces I loved in our Personal Shopping Session. I highly recommend Monika to anyone who wants to upgrade their wardrobe – She really helps you to look and feel your best! – Selina Man Karlsson

You are not only good at advising with clothes, you are also a poet when it comes to bringing all the aspects together and wrapping “critique” in a nice box.  In this regard, you are so good at saying what has to be said  and making the other person still feel good.  What a gift. To me it looks as if you are doing exactly the right job.  Karin Hummel

Monika is a true professional; her process for the Wardrobe Detox really works.  She helped me to focus on key shapes and styles that flatter my figure and to get rid of the rest. – Joanne Rossi

Monika is naturally talented at what she does.  She has an amazing sense of different styles, cut, body shape, and fabrics.  From the Wardrobe Detox, she knew exactly what I needed.  Libby Williamson

I worked with Monika on both Wardrobe Detox as well as with personal shopping. Before even arriving, she sent tips to prep for the wardrobe detox so that we would make the most of our time together.  She truly took the time to listen to me to find out who I am and what my style is before we began the process of creating a wardrobe of my existing clothes that were the pieces that I loved.  Her attention to detail is amazing and she has a wonderful understanding on what works on different body types.

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