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How can you make good decisions if most of your thinking is done on an unconscious level?

The brain is a giant network of neurons sending millions of electrical impulses per second. This vast amount of processing occurs below our level of consciousness, leaving only a small percentage that we are aware of. Learn about the implications this has on our decision making and how we operate in the world.  A fascinating insight into the brain, the unconscious and how we make decisions for better or worse.

Come optimize your thinking!


Speaker: Andy Habermacher


Andy, Leading Brains, is a Certified Master Coach and leading expert on neuroleadership. He has 20 years of experience in the corporate education field and works with senior leaders of major multinational companies as well as speaking to audiences globally on the brain and leadership.

Andy is the author of two books, The Fox Factor and Neuroleadership – A Journey through the Brain for Business Leaders.  He is currently writing “The SCOAP Coach – An Integrated Scientific Approach to Effective Coaching” to be published by Springer in 2014/15.

He is the co-developer of the SCOAP profile, a test measuring human needs in the work place. In 2014, Andy co-founded The Human Brains Foundation, a non-profit connecting research on the brain with the general public. 



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