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There’s an oil for that

Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

This class is for anyone interested in safe and natural alternatives to their everyday health concerns. Become empowered with Natural healthcare solutions for you and your family.

Do you know what you can use essential oils for? From stress, lack of sleep, emotional or physical ailments - there's pretty much an oil for anything. With such a wide range, where do you start? Here's a good place to get started. Why not check out more natural and effective plant based solutions that have been tried and tested and been around for centuries.

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The Magic of Decluttering

Instant Access to Webinar Replay

Do you have "too" many things? Would you like to feel lighter and have more energy? Do you have clutter that you have been meaning to clear? When we have too many things in our living and working spaces, this holds and scatters our attention, which costs us energy. Ballast prevents us from keeping track of the most important areas of our life. By decluttering, you create space for endless possibilities in your life. If your living spaces are clear, you are clear.

Price: CHF 38 per person

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