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How To Say No

And prevent situations and people from draining your beautiful energy!

Do you always strive to please everybody?  Is it difficult for you to refuse an invitation, a request or a plea - even if you have had enough for one day?

Do these little favors here and there start to eat up precious time which you could have been spent on much needed rest or quality time with your kids? Be it to a friend, a boss, family, saying Yes all the time may leave you feeling exhausted, mentally drained and your priorities in shambles.

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Appreciate your inner gremlins

Have you ever heard nagging voices in your head when you want to move towards a new direction or to achieve a specific goal? Are there some inner gremlins that tell you “you’re not good enough”, it’s too difficult” or something similar? Do you then question and talk yourself out of doing what you originally wanted to do?
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