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Peak Performance

Do you want to know how to get yourself into a state of peak performance? So that you can show up to your next important meeting or presentation at your very best? Have you ever wondered how gold medalists or artists manage to perform at the highest standards even though they may have had a tough day, week or month?

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The Art of Mindful Decision-Making

What if I make the wrong decision? How do I choose and based on what? Why do I reconsider decisions I've already made - over and over again? These are common questions that we sometimes ask ourselves. Learn to transform small automated decisions. Turn merry-go-round big decisions into decisions based on a calm and clear mind.

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Facing the unknown in your work

Life is unexpected and complex, yet we are led to believe that to enter the world of grownups and achieve our dreams, we need to follow a simple solution: just earn a degree or a diploma in the “right’ profession and we will figure out how life works.

But as we enter this world of work and march through our career, as freelancers and especially as employees in the corporate world, we realise the unspoken dimensions of life - feelings, soul, deepest yearnings and desires, our multilayered existence - don’t have space in our careers. This can lead us into fear, lack of transparency between teams and senior leadership and among peers.

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Uplift your Money Mindset with Hypnotherapy

Speaker: Astuti Martosudirdjo and Selina Man Karlsson

What beliefs do you have about money? Everyone has something. Do you think money is evil? Does money grow on trees? Does money create opportunities? Is it a rich man's world? Does money change people? Are rich people bad? Are you happier and healthier when you have a lot of money? Are you always in debt? Do you always spend all that you earn? Is money a safety net for you? Does money equal status? Can money change lives for the better? Do you have an earning ceiling? What do you think? And where do these beliefs come from?

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