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Hypnotise Me to Excel at Public Speaking

Express yourself impactfully in public

We may have managed to stay away from the school's stage but at some point in our business, career, or even family life, we will have to speak in front of a group. They may be potential clients, the executive committee or your own family whom you need to persuade, inform or even entertain. It is your turn now. It maybe your choice, it may not be, yet it is your turn to speak out and speak up. So how do you feel? Excited? Stressed-out? Nervous? ...

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Speak to Influence

Get your audience to say "YES" and follow you!

What do a Boy Scout selling you raffle tickets and John Kennedy’s 17 minutes speech to convince America to spend 6% of the GDP to send a man on the moon have in common? They all use principles of influence.

If you feel you are struggling with even the simple sale of raffle tickets, this course is for you. You will learn to influence your listeners. Cécile will share with you some concepts on how to influence your audience and give you ways to integrate these concepts to your daily communication and business presentations.

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