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Voice Clarity for Success

Acquire simple techniques for improving vocal clarity and achieving personal and professional success.

This course is suitable for professionals who present or sell in their work and those who want to gain confidence using their voices.

Our voices reflect who we are, our emotions, and our level of self-confidence. They communicate much more than just words.  Our voices show our insecurities and expectations.  When our breathing becomes shallow, we can lose opportunities to connect and present ourselves at our best. Our voices affect all of our relationships, both personal and professional.

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Speak to Inspire

Great speeches do far more than inform, they inspire. They transport an audience from one place to another, leaving them in an altered and heightened state. If you want to speak to inspire, whether you speak at work or otherwise, this is the course for you! On this interactive one day intensive course, taught by an international award winning speaker and Curious Courses Day 2014 Keynote speaker, not only will you find out what makes a good speaker spectacular, you will ...
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Rejoice for Voice

You hear your own voice. Do I really sound like that? Do you like the sound of your own voice? Many people don't! Yet we all have one, we hear it daily and we recognise each other by the sound of our voices.
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