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Live Life with Gratitude

Have you heard that gratitude will significantly improve your life? That it can bring you from a low or depressive state back up to experiencing the world with a smile? How can such a small thing make that much of a difference? By attending this course, you will understand how gratitude truly works, how science backs this up and how the benefits can be far reaching. This will help you use gratitude to move away from negative thinking and open you up to feel and delight in the world more, turning up the colour in your life!

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taking off with books

Become a published author now

Instant Access to Webinar Replay

Every one of us is good at something. And every one of us needs to learn. We all have experiences worth sharing and expertise that others crave. Whatever your message to the world, chances are it's important to someone - if only you can reach them. Luckily, becoming an author has never been easier.

Price: CHF 38 per person

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Better Business Writing

Words are a powerful tool for every business person. A well-written report can convince your superior to approve your project budget. A catchy email can spark enthusiasm for your new project. A good letter can trigger an immediate client response.

Yet, the more we have to write in our daily business, the less we seem to be trained on how to do it well. To make things worse, strong preconceptions of what a business document should look like can stifle our creativity and lead to jumbled, uninspiring texts that are arduous to read.
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