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So, you think you can’t sell? (Zurich)


Speaker: Kirstin Barton, Alive to Change

Everyone is a Sales Person. Yes, even you. Especially you!

So how comfortable do you feel in selling your ideas, your products/services or even yourself? Is it easier to sell others than yourself? If you’d like to feel more confident in your own unique selling skills, this is a course for you!

In a 5, 4 3, 2, 1 approach, we’ll learn about the 5 barriers to successfully selling yourself, your ideas or your products/services and explore 4 ways you already sell, naturally. We’ll discover 3 new ideas to add to your unique sales tool kit, practice 2 approaches to selling and plan 1 new step forward.

On this practical and interactive course, we will be covering the following:

* What gets in the way of successful selling
* How you already use your natural resources to sell effectively
* What else you can do, which feels comfortable and right for you
* Practicing with role plays and group exercises
* Planning the next steps

Please note that this is a highly interactive session, your active participation will make it all the more fun and effective.

About the Speaker

KirstinKirstin Barton is a Coach and Facilitator at Alive to Change. As well as coaching individual clients, she has run many popular and well attended workshops in the Basel area since 2007. “I can’t sell (myself/my product/my idea)” is a common coaching theme among the entrepreneurs, job seekers and leaders she has worked with, the motivation for this new workshop designed for Curious Courses.

Kirstin benefitted from traditional sales training early in her career, where she worked directly and successfully with customers in account development, pre-sales, and account project management. Later she worked with Account teams on Commercial Management projects, then moving into Sales & Marketing Support Management, and finally Leadership and Change Management.

Kirstin volunteered as one of the Leaders of the Women Entrepreneurs group here in Basel for a number of years, running inspiring and practical sessions for women who have their own businesses.


“Kirstin’s facilitation of our Board-Away Days over a four-year period was an exploration of team dynamics (Spring) and strategic vision (Fall). She smoothly guided us through the theory and into powerful practical exercises in which we were able to integrate the distinct perspectives of self, team, and organization. As a result of this intensive training, our leadership teams were able to short-cut months of work and take focused action on a number of prioritized fronts. No small accomplishment for an international community centre who wholly relies on a transient voluntary staff. Thank you, Kirstin and Alive to Change for your custom designed professional workshops and assistance.”
– Lorraine Rytz-Thériault, Centrepoint Basel, Chair (2007 – 2011)

“Coming to an Alive to Change event is like having one of those unexpected spring mornings in the middle of winter – you feel a whole new energy to get on with doing things. What is wonderful is you realise the energy and the motivations is coming from inside – the catalyst might be the interesting people you meet, the great discussions, the positive ambience and of course Kirstin’s energy, but it is a very personal motivation, rather than feeling you are getting on with things because you ought or should. There is such a variety of people at the event we must all have such different projects that we are considering, but I am sure that we all move our various projects on a step after seeing Kirstin.”
– Susie Atkinson, Mignon Baby

“Whether it was a one to one coaching session, a workshop or a book Kirstin wrote, my experience with her work was always her approach of caring, help, empathy, sensitivity, enthusiasm and support to me as an individual and also to the broader community. She helped me change the way I was thinking and to become surely more alive! She in general gives tools to maintain the change process in the direction we want to go in a fun environment.”
– Judit Csapo

Past Course Date: Thursday, 15th May 2014

Click photo to see impressions from the course:


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