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Unlock your Energy Reserves

Speakers: Michelle Sabatini, Body Learning and Massimo Martino, Me and Shiatsu

“How to unlock your energy WITH the support of simple techniques and how to invest it in your daily life”


Do you want to regain your energy with the help of practical tools and invest it in a project, dream or change? Do you want to recognise better what is blocking you and how to overcome or go with your block?

There may be times where we don’t manage to achieve what we want and this creates dissatisfaction and frustration. There may be times where we give up easily on our commitments towards ourselves. The reason can be that we don’t have the necessary level of energy supporting us to make our projects happen. It prompts us to ask What is blocking our lives? What is blocking our energy?

In this course, we will focus on how to unlock your energy reserves by building strong and gentle self-discipline. It will be tangible and provide the necessary energy that leads to a change in mindset. We will investigate what’s causing the block and develop strategies and rituals to unblock your energy. These changes will allow you to realise the steps you need to achieve your goals. We will be covering the following points:

  • What causes us to block our energy
  • Unlocking our energy reserves
  • Changing the mindset towards our achievements
  • Develop strategies and rituals to engage our energy
  • Exercise with simple practices to embody these techniques.

Unlock your energy reserves with us on this practical and interactive course.

About the Speakers

Michelle Sabatini of Body Learning has been working as a body work therapist for more than 10 years. She teaches her clients through touch, respiration and verbal instructions  to be more aware of their body and to recognise and stop automatic patterns. Parallel to that, she gives regularly workshop and presentations on topics related to how to bring more body awareness in our daily life.

Prior to this, she studied psychology. She is Swiss Italian and speaks English and French fluently. She loves travelling, getting to know new people and accompanying them on their internal journey.
Since 2002, Massimo Martino, Me and Shiatsu, started becoming more aware of his lifestyle. This resulted in a radical work reorientation. Inspired by the life energy that he found within himself, he went from being a Hedge Fund accountant to a Shiatsu therapist.

The Shiatsu Method immediately caught his attention. He discovered small changes where the body seeks and maintains a condition of balance. It does this even more when facing external challenges, allowing the natural healing power of the body to present itself and stay in its optimal state.

Since then, he has committed himself to use the Shiatsu Method with joy and an open heart every day. He accompanies his clients in their journey to regain their natural equilibrium and healing power.


When I first met Michelle I was completely empty, disconnected from my feelings and at the edge of the break. By her words and work, she helped me to clarify my patterns, to identify my blockages and to untie the threads of my life. I learned that I could say “no”, that I don’t have to be automatically worried about others if I do not feel like or if they are not doing me good – Charlyne

Michelle showed the precision of a surgeon in asking key questions that helped me understand physically very disturbing patterns, in my particular case lots of pent up anger and resilient moodiness. I never really understood why these had been such steady life companions until talking with Michelle! –Nathalie

Michelle helped me to develop my relationship with my mum where both of us are happy with each other and able to respect each other again in our choices and lifestyles. I’m also more able to respect myself and my emotions. I’m very grateful for the relation with Michelle: she was able to help me to get over my insecurities and be more happy with who I am. – Eva

Max, thanks for the help and attentive listening and for helping me taking the right direction. Even my Energy took the right direction flowing in the meridians !!! – Tania

I feel accompanied bringing back awareness to the body and its primordial energy to freely flow again by nourishing my vitality. Thanks! – Nadia


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