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Voice Clarity for Success

Past Course Date: Thursday, 19th October 2017

Speaker: Ariane Leanza Heinz

Acquire simple techniques for improving vocal clarity and achieving personal and professional success.

This course is suitable for professionals who present or sell in their work and those who want to gain confidence using their voices.

Our voices reflect who we are, our emotions, and our level of self-confidence. They communicate much more than just words.  Our voices show our insecurities and expectations.  When our breathing becomes shallow, we can lose opportunities to connect and present ourselves at our best. Our voices affect all of our relationships, both personal and professional.

By mastering the breath, activating the resonators in our faces and improving our voices, we can feel more confident on the inside, which reflects on the outside. Our relationships improve and opportunities present themselves because we are more confident in our ability to transmit our message. It’s important to get the message we want across. Our voices are a reflection of who we are, so mastering them improves our whole life.

We will cover the following areas on the course:

  • Understanding and mastering your breath
  • Improving voice clarity
  • Delivering engaging presentations
  • Building your confidence
  • Tools for a successful mindset

Make sure you are sending the right message with your voice. Improve your vocal clarity and achieve personal and professional success.

About the Speaker

Ariane Leanza Heinz is a Swiss Vocal Coach, Artist Mentor and Inspirational Speaker. As a child, Ariane was diagnosed with hips dysplasia. While confined to a hospital bed, singing became her means of self-expression and fulfillment. She went onto study a BA at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva.

After running a successful music studio for a few years in Geneva, she sought new challenges and moved to New York City. In the five years that followed, she received a green card for exceptional talent, studied with Céline Dion’s vocal coach, built a successful musical practice, organized concerts, guided young artists on their career, got married and had two of her three girls.

In 2010, her love for Switzerland brought her back home. In the last few years, she has worked with artists including Mélanie René, Mané, Bastian Baker, Scott Irribarra, Al Pride and Arika Kane. She helps artists to create strong vocals and equips them with effective branding and marketing skills to use on their journey to success. She has also helped corporate clients including Disney Research Zurich with professional development and presentation skills.

Each client is unique, just like each voice is unique, and so her coaching is unique for each of her clients.


“I contacted Ariane as I had to prepare a speech for a large group of Swiss Hoteliers. I knew I needed to be persuasive and was worried about speaking English in front of such a large audience. From the start Ariane’s coaching made me feel more comfortable. She helped me gain confidence in my voice, sharpen my message and most importantly relax during my speech. I found her approach very useful and would recommend her to anyone wanting to present or perform in the most effective way.” – Mike Zürbrugg, Kindfluencers, Zürich

“Public speaking often ranks within people’s top ten fears. Although not my fear, it is an integral part of my job and prior to lessons with Ariane, my voice felt somewhat unclear. Ariane taught me some great strategies for preparing to be on stage, voice projection and commanding stage presence. Thank you Ariane!” – Sasha Schriber, Principal Digital Artist/Disney Research/Walt Disney Company

“Ariane has helped me develop my artistic image and concept. She has taught me how to define some precise goals for my career and how to work towards them step by step. We have been working together on creating a strategy for my project, starting with my message as an artist, and then working on all the aspects that surround it, such as visuals, fan-base, website, concerts. She has given me great advice and guidance, always with care and respect to my personal needs. I have learnt to organize myself in a better way. I now feel like I know in which direction I am going. She has reminded me to work on all of theses aspects with my heart and not my head, and has always been very positive and encouraging.” – Mané, singer-songwriter, Lausanne

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