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What sparked Curious Courses?

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As with most things, there’s always a short story and a longer one…

I was looking for short courses on different subjects in English and when I could not find what I wanted, I decided to create them myself.

That’s the short, want to hear the full story? Read on…

Back in 2009, as most of you know, there was an economic downturn and my job situation changed. I was lucky; I still had a job but it wasn’t a change that I initiated myself. At this point, I felt my world changed, like having a rug tugged from underneath and I found myself in disbelief trying to understand what had happened. I realised that I had severely neglected my life outside of work, there was nothing for me to fall back on, no passion nor hobbies that I could speak of. This was a very sad realisation.

A good friend suggested that I work part-time with 80% and use the free time to figure out what I could be passionate about. This was one of the best ideas I have ever taken onboard. With a day off, I had a 3 day weekend and just a 4 day working week – BLISS! With extra time came extra space and I found myself becoming curious about what the world had to offer.

I learnt that I had been in reactive mode rather than proactive mode, so I consciously made efforts to find out what it was that I was interested in. I started joining different groups such as Professional Women’s Group and Zurich Entrepreneur Meetup Group to expand my horizons, meet new people and be inspired.

A few months in, I thought about attending some courses to learn something new. I started thinking about the topics that I would be interested in and that was when I got stuck. I could have done something with photography, meditation, health, wine, chocolate  and more but I wasn’t’ sure if that was what I really wanted. I didn’t want to spend 3 – 6 months doing a course when I wasn’t sure if that was the “topic”.

When do you have moments of inspiration? For me, when walking to work, an idea suddenly came to me. I wanted to try lots of different things. I had recently met small business owners who were incredibly passionate about their subjects. I put one and one together and thought “Hey, I can setup short courses with them and learn about all sorts of different subjects.”

And that was how the idea for Curious Courses came about. It was just the very beginning of an exciting journey, one that has given me highs, lows and more highs and I’ll be sharing more of my adventures here on this blog.

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