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Your next job?

Past Course Date: Thursday, 19th October 2017

Speaker: Andreia Fernandes, SEABRAND International GmbH

Design your next job, so you know exactly what to search for!

Do you like your job? Do you feel you are living up to your potential? Is it more and more difficult for you to get up and go to work in the mornings? Do you find yourself counting the minutes until you can go home? Do you feel empty and frustrated at work and by the time you get home, exhausted and lacking the energy to search for jobs and write application letters?

Do you dream of doing something different and know deep inside you that you need to change something if you want to become more satisfied with your professional life? Maybe you have various and different interests and aren’t even sure what your ideal next job should look like? Then this evening is something for you!

 “Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

This course is designed to help you prevent making the mistakes that most people make when changing jobs just because they dislike their current situation. Too often people switch companies with the same position just to find that a few months later the same frustrations come back again.

We will analyze what exactly you do not like about your current job and look at what criteria will be important for your next job to fulfill. We will design the job of your dreams and then create a plan on how to bring it into reality! Together we will work out how to get a job that you love. Doing this with a group of people will additionally help you get unstuck, as you will meet people with similar challenges and different perspectives.

On this course, you will

  • Get to know yourself and your strengths better 
  • Understand what is your no-go zone for future jobs
  • Create and solidify your job related goal
  • Receive inputs on different forms of working

Take the time to step away and work on what’s important for you. We spend a lot of our awake hours working and if it’s not something that gives you pleasure, now’s the time to do something about it.

About the Speaker

Andreia Fernandes is the person behind Seabrand International GmBH. She empowers people to achieve their wildest dreams. She gets people recognizing their potential and achieving their personal and professional goals in a way that draws on all elements of their personality. This helps them create their unique personal brand.

Andreia has worked for more than 20 years in many different marketing-related fields and projects in an international environment: global product management, marketing strategy, go-to-market strategies and corporate marketing for start-ups and events. 

Her intercultural curiosity has been her inspiration for learning multiple languages (German, Swiss-German, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and she also understands a bit of Italian). She has lived in 4 countries and loves travelling, having travelled to more than 55 countries so far. 

She has an MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and ESADE Barcelona, Spain. She studied a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a major in international Management from ZHAW, Zurich University of Applied Sciences Switzerland and the IDC – Interdisciplinary Center Herzlya, Israel.


Andreia was fantastic to work with – inspiring and friendly. She helped me immensely developing a marketing strategy whilst giving me the confidence and know how to execute it and, more importantly, continue to develop it on my own.
– A. McKenzie-Murdoch, ZEOT Zürich

Andreia is a people-person who combines marketing expertise with her passion for contemporary social media trends. Her energy, experience, and attention to detail ensure that her work is both results-oriented and cutting-edge.
– Yahor Buben, CEO of Sopotra

Andreia has acquired a high level of expertise through many years of practical experience in international markets. This in combination with her strong didactic and rhetorical skills makes her the ideal person to provide a better understanding of topics around Intercultural Management.
– Michael Broglin, Director Education Marketing, Sales & PR, KV Zürich Business School

I have met Andreia as a passionate and professional expert. Her ability to understand problems and find creative solutions has brought us and our business further. Her empathic attitude, as well as her high motivation and commitment, have made her our favorite partner for our projects in the area of marketing and communication.”
– Dr. Philippe Guldin, CEO Swiss-Care-Company GmbH

Andreia is highly creative and unusually is able to combine this with attention to detail ensuring a unique and high-quality outcome!
– Trudi Hämmerli, CEO of TruStep Consulting GmbH and CEO of PerioC Ltd



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