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your next job

Your next job?

Date: Thursday, 19th October 2017 (Zurich)

Design your next job, so you know exactly what to search for!

Do you like your job? Do you feel you are living up to your potential? Is it more and more difficult for you to get up and go to work in the mornings? Do you find yourself counting the minutes until you can go home? Do you feel empty and frustrated at work and by the time you get home, exhausted and lacking the energy to search for jobs and write application letters?

Do you dream of doing something different and know deep inside you that you need to change something if you want to become more satisfied with your professional life? Maybe you have various and different interests and aren't even sure what your ideal next job should look like? Then this evening is something for you!

Investment: CHF 75 per person

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Voice Clarity for Success

Date: Thursday, 19th October 2017 (Zurich)

Acquire simple techniques for improving vocal clarity and achieving personal and professional success.

This course is suitable for professionals who present or sell in their work and those who want to gain confidence using their voices.

Our voices reflect who we are, our emotions, and our level of self-confidence. They communicate much more than just words.  Our voices show our insecurities and expectations.  When our breathing becomes shallow, we can lose opportunities to connect and present ourselves at our best. Our voices affect all of our relationships, both personal and professional.

Investment: CHF 75 per person

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From Intention to Done

Date: Thursday, 16th November 2017

Last Call in 2017: Getting Things Done

How was your 2017 so far? Did you do all the things you wanted or do you still have things outstanding on your to-do list? Does it make sense to carry them on to 2018? Perhaps you have a big dream that didn't move along in 2017.  Do you ever stay up thinking of all the things you should do, maybe you get nervous thinking about them or perhaps you don't even bother looking at your list anymore because you feel the year's already over.

You're not alone, there's still time to get moving so bring your own to-do list and together we will figure out your most important point and find the resources you need (power, calm or courage) to get it done....

Price: CHF 75 per person

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Curious Courses Day 2016 Videos

We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays! Over the next few weeks we are going to add videos from Curious Courses Day 2016 to this page. Enjoy watching!

- Miki Adderley - Where will your curiosity take you?

- Dr. Flippa - Working with the Stiftung Theodora

and more...
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