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Curious Courses Day 2016 Photos

We had an amazing time together at Curious Courses Day on the 18th September 2016.

You can see the photos from the day here.

A big thank you goes to Julie Collins and Andaleeb Lilley for capturing these wonderful moments of the day.

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Where will your curiosity take you?

Keynote @ 09:00

Risk averse to high adventure

Miki - Aerial silks from hot air balloon
Imagine allowing your curiosity to dictate your actions
, taking you to previously unimagined places. Consider the invisible barriers that prevent us from giving in to our curiosity a little bit more and allowing it to see where it will lead you.

You don’t need to be a born adventurist with extreme bravery to jump into the scary abyss of the unknown. Merely peeping over the edges of your own comfort zone can be enough – because taking many tiny steps can

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Let’s face it!

Connect @ 09:30

Who am I? Who are you? How do you read a face?

Every face is different and unique. Face Reading is a unique skill, which combines the face, hands and body shape. Together with character analysis, it can show what distinguishes and characterises a person. It can be used to recognise the sum of another person’s energy, talents and possibilities in a simple and effective way.

When you have learnt the ABC of face reading, you’ll find yourself using it everywhere. You can also use this …

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Your Secret Potential

Create @ 09:30

Daring to express who you are

painting skyEach one of us is a unique instrument of creation, defined by our background, perception and talents. Often, we use only those aspects that are acceptable to the norm and people around us.

Many great inventions, innovations and cultural feats come into this world through people who are daring enough to try untrodden paths, to swim against mainstreams and to be crazy by other people’s standards.

On this course, Tessa will give simple exercises to activate that crazy part of

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