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Curious Courses Day 2016 Photos

We had an amazing time together at Curious Courses Day on the 18th September 2016.

You can see the photos from the day here.

A big thank you goes to Julie Collins and Andaleeb Lilley for capturing these wonderful moments of the day.

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Where will your curiosity take you?

Keynote @ 09:00

Risk averse to high adventure

Miki - Aerial silks from hot air balloon
Imagine allowing your curiosity to dictate your actions
, taking you to previously unimagined places. Consider the invisible barriers that prevent us from giving in to our curiosity a little bit more and allowing it to see where it will lead you.

You don’t need to be a born adventurist with extreme bravery to jump into the scary abyss of the unknown. Merely peeping over the edges of your own comfort zone can be enough – because taking many tiny steps can

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Let’s face it!

Connect @ 09:30

Who am I? Who are you? How do you read a face?

Every face is different and unique. Face Reading is a unique skill, which combines the face, hands and body shape. Together with character analysis, it can show what distinguishes and characterises a person. It can be used to recognise the sum of another person’s energy, talents and possibilities in a simple and effective way.

When you have learnt the ABC of face reading, you’ll find yourself using it everywhere. You can also use this …

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