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Facing the unknown in your work

Speaker:  Shelly Sharon – Feeling, Expressing, Realising

“A brave call for entrepreneurs and the corporate world

Life is unexpected and complex, yet we are led to believe that to enter the world of grownups and achieve our dreams, we need to follow a simple solution: just earn a degree or a diploma in the “right’ profession and we will figure out how life works.

But as we enter this world of work and march through our career, as freelancers and especially as employees in the corporate world, we realise the unspoken dimensions of life – feelings, soul, deepest yearnings and desires, our multilayered existence – don’t have space in our careers. This can lead us into fear, lack of transparency between teams and senior leadership and among peers.

Constant change

In face of the constant changes today in our world, more and more people are searching for ways to face the uncertainties that seem to be the true essence of our grown-up working world.

Feelings, personal desires or enthusiasm are our highest source of information. If we want to stop being pitched left and right, or between right and wrong, we need to enter into a different kind of conversation in our careers that looks into all the intangibles in life and develop ways of encountering the unknown.

What is success for us? How do we approach it? Who is our best client and how to form better relationships with clients and colleagues? How do we bring our vision into our everyday working life in spite of uncertainties and hierarchies? These will be a few of the threads we will be exploring and working on in order to tap into inner resources that will lead us from uncertainties to meanings and wisdom.

We will be covering the following points:-

  • Receive new ways of defining and approaching the building blocks of your career, including success, target audience, team-building, results
  • Enter into a more creative and joyful space in your working life
  • Learn how to relate to your feelings or align with your soul without being outcast by your work environment
  • Find the courage and be inspired by different and cutting edge ways to deal with your dilemmas and difficulties at work
  • Learn how to shift your focus from the impossible to the possible

This course is aimed at

  • Women (and brave men) who are are working either as freelancers or as employees and are looking to either learn how to face the unknown or become themselves authorities in what they do.
  • People who have ideas and want to translate them into work
  • People who want a work/business/career that is aligned with their soul, desires and passions
  • People who are curious about how to embrace different views about being a leader and influencer

Face the unknown in your work with us.

About the Speaker

Shelly is the founder and owner of Shelly Sharon – Feeling, Expressing, Realising enterprise. Shelly works with people from all walks of life on the intersection of spirituality, professional life and social change. For Shelly it’s about unraveling people’s most valuable and successful potential delivered through a compassionate and unfiltered voice.

Shelly has had several careers as a dancer, as an owner of a coffee shop and catering business, as a researcher and business consultant. Over the past 15 years Shelly has been deeply engaged in her personal inquiry which has led her to explore many practices from meditation to various kinds of martial arts and body work. She has been a traveler on the road for 4 years. Coupled with her personal life’s journey she’s developed depth and wisdom in facing change, bridging between seemingly separate worlds and bringing a new message to the business world. Shelly is a safe pair of hands enabling change in others, a leader in the realisation that life is all about love and awakening one’s own wisdom and creativity. Find out more about Shelly here:


“Shelly has the extraordinary ability to connect the dots, while guiding you along towards the big picture. With her loving and playful approach, she accompanied and encouraged me on my big journey of meeting my authentic self, by gently facing my insecurities and becoming friends with them. This was a step by step process, in laying down the foundations of my inner circle of stability that transformed my life and every aspect of it, profoundly.

My relationships flourished naturally as my ability to see and speak up my own truth grew stronger and stronger. I became capable of discussing issues with my boss that I was never able to speak up before. My colleagues seek more and more my opinion also on topics outside of my competence area, as they are naturally drawn to the creative energy emanating from me. It is so liberating and empowering to be in this energy flow!” – V.B. Manager, UBS CH

“Of all the sessions I attended at AEA (American Evaluation Association), yours had the deepest immediate impact and is certainly the one that has lingered in my mind most vividly. I just wanted to write to tell you how much I value what you shared with us, and how much I appreciate it your efforts in sharing with us. Thank you. It felt like a particular gift and the end of a long professional week.” – M.H. Manager of Evaluation for Extension and Outreach, Cornel University, NY, USA

“Shelly is a teacher’s teacher, an incubator of leaders, a passionate and skillful master. I knew from the moment we met that I could trust her blindfolded and I did and that is a big step for my critical mind. she holds magnificent space with fierce love, she weaves into the unknown with total confidence and took me right into the spaces that I needed to see to bring the transformation I was longing for. If she has popped into your sphere, then don’t hesitate, go for it, whether out of sheer curiosity to experience her unique talent or to genuinely shift something big inside of you. I bet you will be deeply grateful. I am delighted!״ – S.A.S. Former Global Innovation Manager Tassimo, Mondelēz International, CH

Past Course Date: Thursday, 16th February 2017

Photos from the course:

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