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Improve Your Relationship with Money

Past Course Date: Thursday, 17th May 2018

Speaker:  Ilana Jankowitz (Certified Money Coach), Mindful Money Coaching


Learn how to take control of the one thing that can transform your life!

How do you feel about money? Is it something that you control or is it in control of you? Do you catch yourself wishing you had more money? Do you live from paycheck to paycheck? Would a few hundred, a few thousand or even a few million in the bank be enough for you? What if it isn’t money issues, but rather personal issues that are showing up in your life and business?

Have you ever stopped to think about your relationship with money? It’s the result of many influences from friends, family and society and there may be certain beliefs you hold about money that have you feeling scarcity or abundance.  Money coaching not only gives a practical perspective but through sound psychological principles, it can also lead to a more purposeful and prosperous life. 

In this interactive session you will :
  • Understand your behaviour around money 
  • Find out which Money archetype is playing up in your life
  • Learn the healing points of this characteristic
  • Discover what is holding you back from having money in your life
  • Learn how to change your money story for good.

Transform your life through your relationship with money. 


About the Speaker

Ilana Jankowitz is a certified money coach who has made it her work to help women break free from self-doubt, low self-esteem, and other limiting characteristics as a result of their attitude towards money.

Born and raised in South Africa, she witnessed how her mother struggled to support their family after losing her husband and leaving her with five young children.  Growing up with her mum having 2 jobs to make ends meet was not easy.  This spurred her to make an unconscious decision to do things differently when she had her own children.  She overindulged the kids materially, provided them with all the things she never had or missed as a child.  Unfortunately, she got herself and her husband into huge debt. 

She had to go for coaching to set herself free.  After completing the Certified Money Coaching program in Money Coaching Institute, LLC,  Ilana developed a passion to help people transform their thinking and approach towards money from one which is self-destructive to one which is edifying and inspiring.  She continues to reach out to women who is going through the same ordeal she had and guides them on how to live a more purposeful life through her Mindful Money Coaching.


Ilana’s approach to money coaching is both practical and intuitive. She guided me to a greater understanding of myself and transformed my relationship with money for the better. She took me through the process of gaining clarity about where I was in life and to chart a way forward in my life.  I am forever grateful to her for being part of this life-changing experience with me. – Hellen Otieno

I would very definitely recommend coaching sessions with you, Ilana! You have an acute understanding for people and their problems, a healthy way of analysing a given situation and a very touching way to lead a positive and constructive discussion with your client! – Elisabeth Müller

I’ve always had a difficult relationship with money. It was something that I didn’t understand or even like. I didn’t like talking or thinking about it. I always thought money, even in my life, was some else’s responsibility and that someone would take care of it and me. It was a mess. I have spent more time broke and desperate than I care to admit. Money just wasn’t for me.
I then started working with Ilana using the Mindful Money Coaching System and within a very short space of time, my view and feelings towards money have changed dramatically. I didn’t just need tips on how to make money  or how to make it grow, save etc., I needed guidance on how to change my perception and response to it. With encouragement and support, I was able to examine my past relationship with money, to be honest about my shortcomings, but also my dreams and desires. With the inner work now in motion, I can say with confidence that my change has shocked me. I am no longer afraid of money, or confused by it. I now welcome it and I respect it.
I am grateful for the help that Ilana has given me. Her time, patience and non-judgmental nature has enabled me to begin to move passed my blocks and to embrace my destiny as a creator of wealth. Thank you Ilana. – Dora Jejey


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