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Living Life Energy

Challenge @ 10:30

Rediscover your life energy and your innate capabilities.



Life energy, consciousness, an element that animates and connects all life, has been called many things: Chi (Chinese), Prana (Indian), Ki (Japan) and more. Rediscover and start feeling this life energy through a simple exercise. This will show you where your energy flows, where you are stuck and where you need attention.

Learn how you can use it in your everyday life, becoming aware and more in tune with your body. It will help you to live life in the present moment, connect your mind, heart and gut and experience your Energy “flow”. Join us and become aware of your strength and what you are capable of.


Speaker: Massimo Martino

Massimo Martino Shiatsu Therapeut und Lu Jong Lehrer - Kälteresistent hier auf dem Seebliboden 1450 müM im Hoch Ybrig Gebiet

Resistant to cold at 1450m above sea level in Hoch Ybrig Area as presented in Coop Magazine. Photo: Heiner H. Schmitt

Since 2002, Massimo Martino, Me and Shiatsu, started becoming more aware of his lifestyle. This resulted in a radical work reorientation. Inspired by the life energy that he found within himself, he went from being a Hedge Fund accountant to a Shiatsu therapist.

The Shiatsu Method immediately caught his attention. He discovered small changes where the body seeks and maintains a condition of balance. It does this even more when facing external challenges, allowing the natural healing power of the body to present itself and stay in its optimal state.

Since then, he has committed himself to use the Shiatsu Method with joy and an open heart everyday. He accompanies his clients in their journey to regain their natural equilibrium and healing power.


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