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5 easy ways to influence your luck

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“Luck is believing you’re lucky.” – Tennessee Williams

What does luck mean to you? Does it mean seeing more opportunities in life? Does it mean having more good things happen to you? Does it mean winning the lottery? :-)

Some people are born lucky and some learn to welcome more luck into their lives. I would like to share with you 5 easy ways you can influence your luck. When you have more luck in your life, things tend to go smoother, you have more fun, more money and more possibilities. There are characteristics that “lucky” people have that can be developed in everyone.

Join us for this webinar to learn some simple ways on how you can influence your luck. We will cover the following points:-

  • Discover 5 practical methods and techniques you can use straight away
  • Be inspired by stories and examples of those that have influenced their luck
  • Learn how you can create your own possibilities
  • Find out how the people around you make a difference
  • Questions and Answers

About the Speaker

man_karlsson_selina_201404pqSelina Man Karlsson, founder of Curious Courses is a lucky person. She’s had the opportunity to build a business she loves, work with people that inspire her and has healthy and loving relationships with friends and family.

Selina is a British born Chinese and has lived in Zurich since 2002. She worked for a large financial institution for 13 years before setting up her own business. Selina is a keen public speaker and gives Step out of your comfort zone and The Power of Networking workshops to private individuals and corporates. She has been a member of Toastmasters for more than 10 years.



I really enjoyed working with Selina. She was always positive and yet managed to challenge me in a way that really made me think about how I perceive myself and others and about how language affects our outlook. I liked the fact that she was well prepared. She took me through a full programme of learning, so that each week I had learned something new. Through the chapter on rituals and habits I managed to reduce my coffee intake and increase my exercise. I especially liked the challenge of defining one’s life purpose and the fact that she encouraged me to share more, specifically to share the beautiful things in life with other people. – Jilly Woodford

Selina has an incredible talent for drawing out even the most reluctant participants in her workshops and engaging them 100% in discussions and activities. I came away from her Mastermind group workshop with new ideas and enthusiasm to start making positive changes towards achieving important life goals. Her workshops are well-planned, energetic, purposeful and engaging. I also participated in the “Step Out of Your Comfort Zone” Mastermind course over several weeks and learned the mindsets and strategies that I need to begin working towards achieving my goal of creating a professional photography portfolio and exhibition. After years of getting nowhere on my own, Selina introduced me to a mentor as well as helped me to focus on setting specific goals and achieving them in a realistic timeframe. Her ongoing encouragement, feedback and thoughtful questions help me to stay on track and has given me a new sense of achievement and confidence in myself. I highly recommend Selina’s workshops and look forward to participating in new ones as well.
– Jacqueline Fierstein

The Mastermind session really helped me to step out of my comfort zone to start a new activity that I kept putting off. This course gave me the push I needed and was a positive weekly place to go for further encouragement and motivation to reach my goal.
– Dorothy Keininger

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