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Mindful Chocolate Tasting

Past Course Date: Thursday, 17th May 2018

Speaker: Kadri Eek Ritter, Founder – Nopra Chocolate




Slow down and experience chocolate (mindfully) like never before

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And chocolate is one of life’s greatest foods. We are surrounded by colours, flavours and aromas but unfortunately we rarely take the time to really notice and experience our food.  Without generalising, we tend not to be in the moment, not to be aware. 

Come and join us, give your senses an incredible experience and slow down to enjoy each and every mouthful. You will learn to reconnect more deeply with the experience of eating and enjoying our food, which helps you feel happier. It will help develop a healthier food culture by paying more attention to what you eat, the textures and flavors and how it makes you feel during and after eating.

As a chocolatier, Kadri has sourced some of the best chocolates in the world for this course. Chocolate made from the best cacao beans, together with exotic flavours, allowing you to experience something truly special.

Join us on this tastebud stimulating course and you will

  • Slow down, be present and in the now
  • Become aware of the colours, flavours and sensations
  • Savour and appreciate eating mindfully
  • Observe yourself and the experience
  • Treat yourself with amazing chocolate :-)

Learn to appreciate the finer things in life, the beauty of eating mindfully together with delicious chocolates. 


About the Speaker

Kadri Eek Ritter is a certified chocolatier and chocoholic globetrotter.

Kadri was born in Estonia, grew up in Sweden, worked in the UK financial district and finally after a transfer to Switzerland realised that her dream would never come true if she was not working for it.

With a love for the nordic countries and for delicious Swiss chocolate, she started combining the best of these worlds, creating unique, beautiful and tasty delicacies of her own.  

She is the founder of her chocolate events company, Nopra Chocolate.  For four years now, she has been organizing different chocolate events and making people happy with her creative workshops for kids and adults, corporate events, chocolate tours and (mindful) chocolate tastings.

Testimonials from Kadri’s chocolate courses

Thanks, Kadri, for the amazing workshop.  Top grade ingredients, top level profession.  You must have spent so much time on the preparation.  I had so much fun.  – Emma, Zürich

Sweet therapy!  I love it! Thank you, Kadri, for sharing your passion for chocolate!  – Lily, Zürich

My first self-made chocolate truffles. Thank YOU Kadri for introducing me to the magic world of chocolate making! – Anna, Wil

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