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Speak to Influence

Past Course Date: Thursday, 19th April 2018

Speaker:  Cécile Bastien Remy, Speak4Impact






Get your audience to say “YES” and follow you!


What do a Boy Scout selling you raffle tickets and John F. Kennedy’s 17 minute speech to convince America to spend 6% of the GDP to send a man on the moon have in common? They all use principles of influence.

If you feel you are struggling with even the simple sale of raffle tickets, this course is for you. You will learn to influence your listeners. On this course, Cécile will share with you some concepts on how to influence your audience and show you ways to integrate these concepts into your daily communication and business presentations.

It is crucial to understand the range of influence techniques you can use to get the most impact. You will understand when and how to use them, build your power bases so that you have the capacity to be influential and sharpen your skills so that you can influence people effectively.

We will cover the following points on the course:

  • The fundamentals on handling human beings
  • What is needed and how to be liked
  • Identifying the shortcuts and influencing behaviour of Leaders



About the Speaker

After a 20 year career in international customer service, sales and marketing as well as publishing two books, Cécile Bastien Remy of Speak 4 Impact became passionate about the Art of Public Speaking.

After years of training, she won “Best Speaker” in Switzerland in 2015 which led her to compete internationally. Following this, Cécile set up her own company to help professionals to take their leadership and capacity for success to the next level.

She is enthusiastic, energetic, and a quick thinker.  These are, in fact, the attributes she use to assist leaders and other individuals in developing their skills and become great speakers. She has worked with Curious Courses on many an occasion and the feedback is always fantastic!



 “Exit your comfort zone and give a try to Cécile’s down to earth and efficient pieces of advice to speak in public with confidence!… I sincerely recommend Cécile’s training sessions, insights, and experience sharing, the public speaking topic might lead you to a much broader reflection about yourself and what you wish to achieve. A warm thank you to you and all the best for the future!!!”

“Cécile is an outstanding professional who is passionate and very knowledgeable about coaching in the areas of public speaking and presentation. She has guided me through the preparation of presentations and provided valuable insight on how to better grab and keep the attention of the audience.”

“Cécile’s services are the best investment I have made for myself and my company. With her expertise she has helped me to develop my pitching skills, which has given me the ability to properly communicate my services with tact and confidence. She has managed to refine my first impression by helping me develop an elevator pitch that is interesting and engages people. Thank-you so much!”

“I have known Cécile for years as a personal friend. When I was recently asked, at the last minute, to chair a 2-day industry conference, I called on Cécile.  In a 2-hour session, she helped me to structure my preparations, think about the nuances that make a good chairperson, and gave me loads of handy tips and tricks. This helped me massively to stay focused on the most important preparations in the remaining days, and boosted my confidence before climbing the stage. The result was overwhelmingly positive feedback and an invitation to be chair again next year. Thanks for your help Cécile!”

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