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“I think I have re-discovered a long forgotten hobby/skill/passion of mine and it is great fun to write and to share it with the others. Well actually it is not only fun but it is also somewhat very refreshing and helping release stress and all kinds of thoughts. So big thank you to you – I think (and you have heard the same from others for sure) that with your courses not only do you provide a short teaser to the topics, but you also bring together great people :-))”

Tomi Blasic, Zurich

“Selina has fulfilled my curiosity in many situations, at the lead of Curious courses, she offers courses that are often covering exciting topics delivered by top presenters. Above all, Curious courses are fun. I have taken part in few of them and I plan to continue taking part. The organisation is always state of the art and Selina manages to provide a very friendly atmosphere where I have managed to meet interesting people who soon after, became close friends. I recommend Curious courses to anyone who is looking for a great evening out, with cool people and learning something new. I am a big supporter of Selina and her ventures.”

Natalia Monteiro, Zurich

“Curious Courses is great fun and offers expertly insight into all sorts of topics, be they useful, leisurely, exciting and even obscure! I have enjoyed Curious Courses both as a participant and a presenter and always had a great time with great people. It sure helps that the organizers are both amazingly chaming and highly professional. I am already looking forward to what’s next in the pipeline!”

Stephan Senn, Zurich 

“Curious Courses offers a short and pleasing introduction to a wide variety of topics that are often not available to the general public. All the topics are presented by experts in their field, who provide valuable and enjoyable insights into different subject matters. Selina’s organization is impeccable, her hosting talents enviable and every time I have been able to indulge my curiosity I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Rachelle Furer,  Zurich

“It was my biggest pleasure to work with you during our make-up course. You had so many great ideas, a wonderful group of women attended. Through your class I made many new Business contacts and have been able to share the Beauty of Mary Kay. Thank you and I of course look forward to being together again soon.”

Brenda Sutter, Zurich 

“I ran a CPR on Children and Infants taster course for Curious Courses offered at the American Women’s Club in Zurich. Set-up and course location was very well chosen, easily accessible both by public transport and by car. The room was spacious and light and easily fitted the large number of participants and still allowed for plenty of space for the skills training. Curious Courses organised the entire registration process enabling me to concentrate on the course and set up itself. Selina is a very friendly and welcoming organiser looking after everyone’s needs. It was excellent that she provided drinks and snacks as a light dinner during the course. I’d be happy to run another course for Curious Courses in the future or to attend one of their courses as a participant.”

Luitgard Holzleg, Zurich

“Selina’s organization of the Curious Courses is flawless and professional on all fronts. As a speaker, I felt understood at any time and Selina ensured that I could completely focus on the content of the course. Communication is at all times very transparent, open and direct, the marketing of the course is done very well and the venue is a very warm and welcoming place. Participants feel Selina’s calm personality that translates into relaxed course participants and a generally comfortable atmosphere. I am looking forward to work with Curious Courses and Selina again.”

Thomas Bisig, Zurich

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